Making Navigation Just a Little Easier

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I understand that the layout of this site kind of sucks when you’re looking to read through a series of something. Sure, you can click one of the tags, but then you have to sort through it all backwards. That’s no fun. That, and it takes me forever to update the Contents page.

If you notice on the right side, under “Pages”, there are two new links: 4th Letter Masterworks: Ultimate Edit (includes Ultimatum Edit) and We Care a Lot: A Venom Retrospective. These are links to both article series in their entirety, with paragraph descriptions for the Venom stuff. Hopefully this will make things easier for fans of the respective articles. Plus it’s better for those of you who like to spread the links around. Hint hint.

You may notice the title of the latest We Care a Lot article as “The Sammy Hagar of Cannibalism”. I feel the need to expand on this.

Venom symbiote = Van Halen
Eddie Brock = David Lee Roth
Mac Gargan = Sammy Hagar
Angelo Fortunato = Gary Cherone

See? Fits like a glove.

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One comment to “Making Navigation Just a Little Easier”

  1. Eddie B does c-c-c-c-c-cocaine?