Brrat, brrat– Twitter that.

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Just some station identification type stuff-

-Thanks to a word in my ear from Matt Jett, I’ve added Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Stumbleupon links to the bottom of each post, rather than the obtrusive and ugly ShareThis popup box.

-If you’re logged into your Twitter account and someone here says something infuriating/horrible/hilarious/stupid, just click that Twitter button and you’ll be taken to the Twitter web interface with the title of the post and link ready to go. Edit away, hit Update, and bam, you’ve twittered 4l!. Congrats.

-Facebook blah blah blah, Share links, blah blah blah, college, blah blah blah, too many family members on it, can’t talk about keggers and strippers and drugs any more, blah blah.

-Reddit is like digg, innit? We’ve got digg and Reddit now, you should use both.

-StumbleUpon Sure, Stumble us. Do that.

-Someone happened upon a post I wrote a couple years ago about the Top 3 black women and was so offended by my statements about Storm that she had to drop in and condescend a little because I am clearly totally wrong. I’m only posting this here because Tucker wanted to call attention to something I said down in the depths of those comments. So, you know, if you want to see me be mean to somebody, g’head. My general rule of “all smart dumb cats be quiet on the internet” still applies.

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2 comments to “Brrat, brrat– Twitter that.”

  1. Hot damn, that was a good put down on that old post. I wish I could smack people around like that when they’re being stupid.

  2. I’ve never really found any succes with Digg on my blog (digg crowd is more interested in tech, stick figure comics, cat pictures, politics, etc), but ComicsBlips (http://comicsblips.dailyradar.com/) is basically digg for comics that seems to bring me a decent amount of traffic if you were looking for another button to add. Your mileage may vary.