Young Justice League Animated Series

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With this little information, I can’t say much, except that I hope it will be more Young Justice and less Justice League.  I loved the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited series. 

I just really don’t want to see The Justice League, Only They’re TeenagersYoung Justicehad its own feel and its own cast  (the fact that Arrowette is on the show is a good sign).  I hope that they’re not going to shove adult heroes into teenage roles.

Okay, enough about what I hope it’s not.  Here’s what I hope it is.  I hope that they have the dorky-as-hell Superboy.  He was fun and shallow, but also very sweet, with a poignant back story.  I hope that they include both Cassie and Cissie, and that they’re friends all the way through.

And I hope that they have the adult superheroes in the show, just as they were in the comic; stepping in and annoying all the kids.  Young Justice wasn’t just a series about a team of kids.  It was a series about a team of kids who were rebelling, and challenging, and clinging to, and thinking about, and testing the grown-ups in their lives.  That was part of what made it fun and poignant.  If it’s just a bunch of kids fighting monsters, it would just be like Teen Titans Go!

Oh, and I hope they have the supercycle.

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6 comments to “Young Justice League Animated Series”

  1. Having Arrowette is all well and good, as long as we get Arrowette’s awesome and insane mother. The world needs Bonnie King, the Baby Jane Watson of the DCU.

  2. So… the higher ups at DC spend years shitting on everyone who liked this series, and grim-darked up all of the characters from it, and now they want to make a cartoon based on them? Lucy, you’ll have to excuse me if I just stare blankly at that football instead of going for it.

  3. @EndOfTheWorld: I can’t wait until she cooks the entire team rats for dinner.

    @AzraelNewtype: Maybe it signals a change in direction, which I would support.

  4. If it has Impulse in all his glory, I’m already trying to set Autotune on my DirectTV box. I loved that kid.

  5. Even if Impulse has been renamed “Kid Flash” (which sucks, I maintain to this day), as long as it’s Bart and the ADD Speedster personality is there, I’ll be glad.

    And remember, Young Justice had it’s share of Dark moments as well. We didn’t have the gratuitous “Let’s kill an 80s era Teen Titan to show we mean business” thing going on, but you did have stuff like Granny Goodness’ torture chamber, and Harm being shot in the head by his own father.

  6. Young Justice? That comic book that sucked and whose fans are all morons who don’t understand the importance of how we treat made-up fictional characters? Why on earth would anyone make a show about that when you could do a cartoon about blood-vomiting zombies or space-rape?

    Clearly the makers have no idea of what makes a good, accessible cartoon for kids and I – The Internet – hope it fails and nobody watches it and it gets cancelled and people lose jobs.