Pre-order Planet Hulk and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths

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Two superhero flicks are coming out on DVD & Blu-ray in Feb- Planet Hulk and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. Planet Hulk hits the first week of February, while Justice League comes out February 23rd.

Pardon the blatant marketing, if you’re looking to buy them on any format, give some thought to pre-ordering them through our Amazon referral links. Amazon doesn’t charge you until the item ships, and if the price drops between now and when the movie ships, you get the lowest price automatically.

Planet Hulk is going for $14.99 on DVD and twenty bucks on Blu-ray. Justice League has a Two-Disc Edition for $14.99 and a Blu-ray for $25.99.

So, yeah, if you’re interested- give them (and us) a pre-order.

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5 comments to “Pre-order Planet Hulk and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths”

  1. It’s time like these that it sucks to be British. God knows when it’ll come out on region 2.

  2. Cool, will be doing this, even though I already saw it on Youtube, that’s how much I liked it.

  3. David, do you have a main link for your Amazon referral? I’m not looking to pick these discs up, but I do need to make some other purchases soon, and as long as I’m doing so I’d love to send some money your way.

  4. @Strider: You can click this link to Amazon, but my understanding is that if you order anything while after visiting Amazon directly from here (including the links above and the search box on the right), it should count toward our Associates account. I’m not 100%, but it’s worth a try, at least. There’ll be a 4thletter-20 in the URL if it works.

  5. @david brothers: “4thletter-20” seems to disappear from the URL when I navigate away from any of those links you’ve got up there, but I’ll try the Amazon search when I get home, it seems to be blocked at work.