Who Wants the Watchmen (Blu-ray)?

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This’ll actually be our second Watchmen contest… here goes!

This one is easy. The kind folks at M80 want to give away a copy of Watchmen on Blu-ray. At some point over the past year, probably after I bought a PS3, BR became my favorite way to watch movies. Tons of special features, top notch quality, all that fun stuff that nitpickers love. I assume the Watchmen Blu-ray will be similar.

If you want it, here’s what you’ve gotta do. Leave a comment here with your first name (your actual first name, not your fake first name for the internet) and your favorite Watchmen character. You don’t have to justify it, you just have to name it. I’m going to go through the comments on Friday and randomly pick out a winner. I’ll email you for your address, you’ll send that to me, and then you’ll get a Watchmen Blu-ray in the mail.

A couple notes– US residents only, please! Also, please make sure you own a Blu-ray player. And if you don’t put a valid email address in the comments… I’ll have to pick someone else. So don’t put nospam@nospam.com. We’re not (ever) gonna spam you.

Our Wolverine contest from last week is up, and I’ll be emailing the winners tonight. Watch your mailboxes, and look for a post later this week on the best ones.

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38 comments to “Who Wants the Watchmen (Blu-ray)?”

  1. My favorite character from Watchmen is Rorschach.

  2. My favorite character from Watchmen is Bernard the news stand guy.

  3. My favorite character is Nite Owl II

  4. Call me sick, I like the comedian.

  5. Ozymandias makes me wet.

  6. My favorite was Dr. Manhattan.

  7. I’d have to say Rorschach.

  8. My favorite person in Watchmen is Silk Spectre II

  9. I’m gonna have to say the first Nite Owl.

  10. I’m with the herd on this one, Rorschach is my fav.

  11. I’ll second Ozymandias.

  12. Definitely the Silhouette.

  13. Definitely dapper Dan Dreiberg.

  14. Ozymandias’s Cat.

  15. “Favorite” is hard, because I think all the characters were written to not be liked – but my favorite for being the most interesting is the Comedian (followed closely by Rorschach).

  16. Roy Chess. He’s the guy!

  17. When the series first came out, I was an unrepentant Rorshach fan. Twenty-plus years later, I think I have to say that the Comedian has just barely edged him out of first place.

  18. I always shed a tear when Bernard the newsstand guy tries to protect the unnamed kid, but Dr. Malcolm Long is pretty much my favorite.

  19. Ted Ko-,ER, Night Owl II.

  20. I can’t put into words how much the added scene with Mason getting killed completed the movie for me. Nite Owl I.

  21. My favorite character would have to be the magazine stand guy.

  22. I’m gonna go Dr. Manhatten.

  23. The manufactured alien makes me feel uncomfortable 😉

  24. bubastis

  25. Silhouette 🙂

  26. Erik Hollender, and my favorite Watchman is Rorschach.

  27. i don’t have a blu-ray but my favorite from Watchbabies is Lil’ ‘Hatty: “I’m vewwy mad at woo, Adwian!”

  28. Marko Rorschach

  29. My favorite character is Moloch cause he’s so sad.

  30. I’m Andrew. I like Rorschach, and I’ll say why, but briefly: Despite Moore obviously intending for him to be a satire, he still invested him with humanity. Even though he’s supposed to be a sociopath, Rorschach still has feelings, and is at least a little frustrated by his lack of empathy, as shown by his attempts to connect with Dan Dreiberg.

  31. The good ol’ Comedian. Gotta go with him.

  32. Brian – The Comedian.

  33. Definitly Rorschach, him and his crazy mask.

  34. Have to love Rorschach. He throws down with God and the world’s smartest man, and he might have actually won.

  35. Nite Owl II, of course.

  36. Dr. Manhattan. The sense you get of his withdrawal from humanity is simply incredible.

  37. Sally Jupiter.

  38. My name is Daniel and my favourite character is Sally Jupiter aka. The Silk Spectre..