Invincible Iron Man Omnibus: Cheap!

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Pardon the crass commercialism, but if you’ve been thinking about picking up Matt Fraction’s run on Invincible Iron Man, Amazon’s got a surprise deal for you. Marvel’s releasing an Invincible Iron Man Omnibus collecting the first 19 issues of Matt Fraction’s run. While it was originally supposed to come out in early April, it looks like it’s gonna ship early next week. They tell me mine’ll arrive 03/10/10.

This is a good deal because a) it’s 40 bucks retail, b) 26 bucks on Amazon, and c) a steal at that price. This will also get you more or less caught up to Fraction’s run on Invincible Iron Man, too. There is one arc between the omnibus and being caught up: the five issue “Stark Disassembled.”

So, yeah, if you’re addicted to hardcovers (holla) or you’ve been wanting to see what’s up with Iron Man before the movie drops– it’s a good deal.

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4 comments to “Invincible Iron Man Omnibus: Cheap!”

  1. wow. I’ll be sure to pass that off to my buds. Stupid student loans >_>

  2. Usually I’m more than willing to read a good comic even if the art is a little wonky, but Salvador LaRocca absolutely ruined any chance of me enjoying Iron Man. It’s a damn shame too.

    I really dig Marvel’s omnibus program though, it’s generally well priced and quickly put together.

  3. is this really collecting 19 issues? amazon is listing it having 344 pages, but adding up the the three individual hardcover volumes, which also collect issues 1-19, gives a total of 496 pages…?

    can anyone confirm if it really is the complete 19 issues run?

  4. @nath: It is the first nineteen issues.