Getcher Cheap Omnibuses Here!

March 6th, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

I dunno if it’s a mistake or not, but Amazon has 48 pages of 15 dollar Marvel hardcovers, ranging from Premiere (aight), OSHC (nice), and omnibus (holy crap!) format.

I ordered six. A couple preorders, Tomb of Dracula v1, The Death of Captain America, and then the last two Ultimate Spider-Man joints. Cheap hardcovers make me stupid, apparently. But whatever, I’m getting cheap comics. Also we get a small cut if you buy through that link, so you know, there’s that.

Shill over! I’ve got a to-read stack to demolish before all these books get here.

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4 comments to “Getcher Cheap Omnibuses Here!”

  1. “Stupid” should never come attached to “I just bought some Tomb of Dracula”.

  2. This shit is platanas!

  3. If only I had known the Ultimate Nextwave Collection was on there so cheap i wouldn’tve gotten it at the LCS.

  4. I went in only allowing myself four books. So I grabbed the two HC volumes for “Annihilation: Conquest”, the 2nd Thor Visionaries: Simonson collection and decided to check out the “Killraven” book since I like Alan Davis and the character always seemed kind of interesting to me…