50 Things Gavok Likes, Ergo You Should Like it Too

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Yesterday, hermanos posted his take on the Hembeck Challenge. Sometime later today, he’s going to toss one up from a reader. Since my effort has been rather lacking lately, I decided to take up the same challenge, but go all out. So not only did I go a bit more specific in my picks (just putting “Batman” won’t cut it), but I have a visual for each choice.

Enjoy the shit out of it!

1) Captain America beating up Fake Captain America.
2) Just about anything Ares does.
3) Elseworlds: The Batman of Arkham, where Bruce Wayne is a psychiatrist, trying to cure the maniacs he puts away as Batman.
4) That Mother Box android duplicate thing of Ted Knight.
5) Dynamo 5, a comic about an adulterous superhero’s bastard children fighting crime in his absence.
6) Booster Gold humiliating Lex Luthor.
7) The Kingdom Come World’s Finest Hug.
8) The Batmen of All Nations.
9) Stan Lee beating up ninjas.
10) Molly punching Frank Castle in the breadbasket.
11) Luke Cage vs. Dr. Doom!
12) The death of Tomorrow Woman.
13) Venom hiding for God knows how long in a big shipment of heroin, just so he can catch a dealer by surprise before murdering him.
14) That What If issue where Galactus was transformed into Elvis. Always puts a smile on my face.
15) “Tell Tedstar that Good Grundy was good Grundy.”
16) The goddamn Midnighter.
17) That time Ted Kord was brainwashed into trying to kill the Justice League and they needed the Wall and Nabu to fix him.
18) Any time Lobo gets his ass kicked, no matter by who, because Lobo sucks.
19) Hal Jordan punching people.
20) The original Dr. Spectrum getting rid of the Parasite-based Lamprey.
21) The Eradicator, especially his latest redesign.
22) Pretty much any issue of The Goon.
23) Dr. Doom showing off his indestructable balls during Infinity Gauntlet.
24) Those two issues of Deadpool where Wade had a sidekick. I miss Kid Deadpool.
25) The awkward Nite Owl/Rorschach handshake.
26) Joe Kelly’s Space Ghost miniseries.
27) Section Eight
28) That Wolverine vs. Naked Mystique fight. Thematic cheesecake!
29) Galactiac!
30) The Starman staring contest.
31) The very existence of Reagan’s Raiders!
32) Conan the Barbarian coming to the present and dressing up like a pimp.
33) That two-page spread in Infinite Crisis where Zoom has that amazing smile on his face while appearing at various points.
34) All of Superman Prime’s lines in Countdown.
35) Transmetropolitan featured this random character who strongly resembled Charlie Brown for no real reason. Then, when they finally killed him off, everything suddenly made sense. I laughed at this for way too long.
36) That zombie guy that showed up briefly in Whedon’s Runaways.
37) The current version of the Kree Captain Marvel.
38) “Proud? Proud?! GOD DAMN YOU!!”
39) Hercules punching Galactus in the dick.
40) Jim Rhodes putting bros before hoes.
41) Juggernaut, no matter who’s writing him.
42) Layla Miller and her knowledge of stuff.
43) The Great Outdoor Fight. Buy the hardcover trade when it comes out. All of you.
44) An alternate universe where Yoda kills Emperor Palpatine by dropping the damned Death Star on him!
45) Slobo, especially during the final issues of Young Justice.
46) The Emoticon.
47) The ending of Joker’s Asylum: Two Face.
48) The entire three issues of Escape from Bizarro World.
49) Black Bolt vs. Apocalypse.
50) That time Wally West grew a pair and totally made a fool out of Vandal Savage.

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8 comments to “50 Things Gavok Likes, Ergo You Should Like it Too”

  1. Number 50 is the main reason I like Wally over Barry. I think it was the comic that made me a fan of the Flash. Awesome pick.

  2. -Get up so i can knock you DOWN!
    -I always thought Kingdom Come Batman looked kinda like Sam Neil
    -Dr. Doom is amazing in pretty much every appearance.
    -Stark has always hated Doom.
    -Rhodey’s flat top is spectacular
    -Emoticon’s power is to have a sideways face?

  3. You made me remember how much I miss Layla Miller. 🙁

  4. Where is that Black Bolt and Apocolyse one from?

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  6. Adam:that’s from House of M of all things, the Black Panther tie-in I think. It wasn’t half bad, as tie-ins to House of M goes. =)

    And these are freakin’ awesome.

  7. I like traffic lights.

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