50 Things Answers, Plus 50 More

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I did the 50 Things meme with a twist, so I figure I better give y’all the answers, right?

Here we go–
1-10 – Awesome comics chicks (on a story level, dorks)
11-18 – Characters from the ’70s who don’t get used often enough
19-23 – Avengers that I actually like (ayo!)
24-28 – The extended Marvel family – Billy Batson, Mar-vell, Genis-vell, Mary Marvel, Phyla-vell. I forgot to include Noh-varr, who should totally date Mary Marvel.
29-35 – X-Men Blue team, a.k.a. the team Jim Lee drew
36-39 – Rapper/comic characters. John Blaze/Method Man, X-Man/Xzibit, David Banner/David Banner, Tony Stark/Ghostface
40-41 – Real life comics characters
42-45 – The best Daredevil writers
46-50 – Awesome webcomics

Easy, right?

Solenna from Solarts (and unofficial member of the FBB4l axis) sent over her list. She went ahead and included categories for you, too. She’s got impeccable taste in artists.

Guys I <3 are:
1. Dick Grayson
2. Danny Rand
3. Bucky Barnes
4. Bobby Drake
5. Jaime Reyes
6. Ares (DC’s version)
Ladies who are awesome:
7. Elsa Bloodstone (mostly in NextWAVE)
8. Catwoman
9. Barbara Gordon
10. Wonder Woman
11. Shining Knight
12. Layla Miller
13.Misty Knight
14. Colleen Wing
Costumes/Character design I like:
15. Hepizbah (it’s the poofy pirate sleeves)
16. Nightwing
17. Blue Beetle III
18. DC’s Frankenstein
19. Thena (Eternals)
20. Abraham Sapien
21. Hellboy
22. We3 (all 3 of them)
23. The Hecatomb
24. All of the Immortal Weapons
Artists who kick ass:
25. Chris Bachalo
26. Humberto Ramos
27. David Aja
28. JRJr
29. Tony Daniel
30. Stuart Immonen
31. Frank Quitely
32. Adrian Alphona
33. Jo Chen
34. Adam Hughes
Writers who kick ass:
35. Matt Fraction
36. Grant Morrison
37. Mike Carey
38. Warren Ellis
39. Brian K. Vaughan
40. Greg Rucka
41. Zeb Wells
Things that have made me cry:
42. Percy Gloom
43. We3
44. Identity Crisis
45. Civil War: The Confession
46. Blue Beetle 28
47. Wonder Woman 217
48. Watchmen
49. Runaways V2 #18
50. Gunnerkrigg Court

My friend Andrew Bayer did his list of 50 comics here, old buddy Mark Poa did one, too, and Cheryl Lynn has some great stuff on her list, too.

Anybody else want to take part? If you don’t have a blog of your own, hit me with your list and how you want to be credited.

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8 comments to “50 Things Answers, Plus 50 More”

  1. Dude, thanks for turning me on to Kate Beaton. funny funny stuff.

  2. Kate Beaton is seriously amazing. One of my favorite finds.

  3. I like traffic lights.

  4. Your desire to see Noh-varr date Mary Marvel clashes with my desire to see her involved with Phyla-vell. Also to not be crazy and evil and annoying…

  5. As to the 50 Favorite things I did it last year last time it was going around…

  6. Do another 50 and post them. Or else.

    And Final Crisis Mary Marvel rules. The pink hair was a brilliant choice.

  7. Dammit Brothers, why you gotta make me do these things.

  8. The only difference between a new list and the previous one is I’d have to find some way to put in love for Colleen Coover Jean Grey, Power Pack and anything written by Fred Van Lente…