50 Things I Like, with a twist.

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The Hembeck Challenge, which I found via blake-reitz.livejournal.com. I think that ADD and some others did this a few years back, too, only those had panels. Here’s mine. Just for fun, each group has a theme. Some are obvious, others are not. Guess them and win a no-prize.

1.) Harley Quinn
2.) Isabel “Dizzy” Cordova
3.) Brubaker/Stewart/Cooke-era Catwoman
4.) 355
5.) Mary Jane Watson
6.) Misty Knight
7.) Colleen Wing
8.) JLA/Superman-era Natasha Irons
9.) Aunt May
10.) Cassandra Cain/Batgirl

11.) Moses Magnum
12.) Brother Voodoo
13.) Princess Zanda
14.) Blade
15.) Glory Grant
16.) Shades & Comanche
17.) Hannibal King
18.) DW Griffifth

19.) Luke Cage
20.) Spider-Man
21.) Black Panther
22.) Hawkeye
23.) Captain America

24.) Captain Marvel
25.) Captan Marvel
26.) Captan Marvel
27.) Mary Marvel
28.) Quasar

29.) Jubilee
30.) Cyclops
31.) Wolverine
32.) Beast
33.) Rogue
34.) Gambit
35.) Psylocke

36.) John Blaze
37.) X-Man
38.) David Banner
39.) Tony Stark

40.) Nat Turner
41.) Percy Carey

42.) Ed Brubaker
43.) Brian Michael Bendis
44.) Frank Miller
45.) Ann Nocenti

46.) Thinkin’ Lincoln
47.) Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
48.) Dr. McNinja
49.) Dinosaur Comics
50.) Kate Beaton

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14 comments to “50 Things I Like, with a twist.”

  1. First group are women, second group are “magical negroes” in the most literal sense of the phrase, third group are (New) Avengers, not got the fourth group, group 5 are X-Men, group 6 are alternate universe versions of existing characters (guess), group 7 are writers and group 8 are webcomics.

    How’d I do?

  2. The first one is right, the second one isn’t (DW and Hannibal are white!), the third is good enough, skipping hte fourth, the fifth is close, but they are a very specific kind of X-Men. Six is wrong, 7 is right, and 8 is right.

    You skipped #41/42 🙂

  3. 36.) John Blaze
    37.) X-Man
    38.) David Banner
    39.) Tony Stark

    Comic characters with direct links to rappers or hip hop? I’m not sure John Blaze would work with the other three, I like the song though.

  4. Pretty epic fail on that second one from me.

    Second attempt: Group 5 are all X-Men from the 90s cartoon? I think Corrosion might be right on group 6.

    I’ve got nothing on the rest of it though.

  5. Group 7 is Daredevil writers, innit?

    Yeah, John Blaze is a Method Man alter-ego, didn’t know X-Man(?)

    Group 4, man, I thought there was something about Negabands but Mary Marvel?? I duh-no.

  6. Group 4 are all females who were at one point or another known as Captain Marvel.

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  8. The #29 to 35 group is the X-men Blue team under Cyclops in the 90’s.

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  10. I like traffic lights.

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