Mighty Avengers and World War Hulk and How They Relate

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I’ve seen this in a couple places, so I activated my giant brain and put some thought to it. 72 hours later, I have a solution.

Short answer: they don’t.

Long answer:

In World War Hulk, Sentry is shown as unresponsive and noncommittal. He has yet to lift a finger to help the anti-Hulk side.

In a recent issue of Mighty Avengers, so recent it just came out yesterday, something happens. Lindy Reynolds, wife of the Sentry, is apparently killed by Ultron. I say apparently because there is at least one 100% fake death in the series already, not to mention the fact that Ultron can create appendages and probably change shape.

People are linking this and WWH to explain why Sentry is so out of it. Here’s a simpler idea–

The Hulk is a good friend of Sentry’s. He’s only calm around the Sentry, so the Sentry has kind of a paternal love for him. He wants to be able to help him as best he can. And then, one day, Hulk comes back and blames Reed Richards and Tony Stark for firing him into space. The Sentry’s own friends betrayed Hulk.

And then they come to him and ask him to help the Hulk… by taking him down.

When they ask him to help, Sentry asks Tony for a moment. He wants a word with him. My bet is that Sentry asked Tony, “Is it true? Did you send him into space?” and Tony said, “Yes.”

That’s why he’s sitting on the sidelines. His own friends are using him.

WWH is a good story and it stands on its own. It doesn’t need Mighty Avengers and it’d be foolish to tie that in.

WWH is about old Hulk vs new Hulk. His new friends vs his old friends. General Ross shows up in the last issue. He’s an old enemy, but his daughter was married to the Hulk. She’s dead now, I think. Hulk’s invading Earth because his wife died. There’s your drama right there.

The Rick Jones = Miek thing is pretty dumb, though.

WWH, when you boil it down, is about relationships. World War Hulk: X-Men is proof positive. (It’s also the only tie-in I’m enjoying.) The X-Men, even after all the crap Xavier has put them through, stand by their former headmaster. Xavier is willing to give in, but the X-Men are a family. All for one and one for all. It’s pretty good stuff.

I’m betting that the big fight in WWH isn’t Hulk vs Sentry. Not at all. I feel kind of like it’d be an depowered Hulk (read: Banner) versus Bob Reynolds. It’s just a hunch.

Oh, and Spider-Man: One More Day isn’t about Mary Jane dying at all. That’s a smokescreen. Joe Q is pulling the wool over your eyes again.

It’s about Aunt May getting one more day with Uncle Ben, or maybe her family, before she dies.

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8 comments to “Mighty Avengers and World War Hulk and How They Relate”

  1. Well, this makes a lot of sense. I was wondering if/when they were going to meet up. I really like the idea for the One More Day thing, and I kinda hope Peter does something that good and selfless.

  2. Also, Miek and Brood are responsible for the death of Hulk’s wife and unborn child. Tony, Reed, Blackagar (lawl), and Strange may have sent him to that planet, but they rigged the star drive to blow up. O RLY? you say?

    Consider this: Of the warbound members, those were the only two that had nothing to live for. They were openly contemptuous of the softskins and expressed on repteated instances their desire to keep fighting.

    And then there’s the timing of detonation. The shuttle had a year for its warpcore to decide whether or not it was gonna go boom, and it failed to do so upon crashlanding or the two insect-y types viewing the Illuminati’s recorded message. It was only after Miek and Brood showed off the shuttle and its recorded message (to refresh Hulk’s memory of the incident) did the core go critical. Hulk was betrayed alright, but it was his own group that did the deed.

  3. The September solicits show that the cover for the finale of WWH has Hulk v. Sentry. Of course thats just a cover…

  4. They showed JRjr’s covers at NYCC earlier this year. The final cover, the one that corresponds with Hulk vs Sentry by Finch, was blacked out.


  5. Also, Miek and Brood are responsible for the death of Hulk’s wife and unborn child.

    I really want this not to be true because I thought Hulk’s Warbound should be true friends… but it makes a lot of sense.

    Though it still doesn’t explain how Brood can start breeding with Miek. 😛

  6. Mark– Brood can stick eggs in anything.

    Which is pretty gross, but you know…

  7. …wouldn’t that make Miek the new Queen? Ew, wonder how the remaining bugs will like that one.

  8. i thought the miek/rick jones thing was a nice try – except they’ve already established miek’s character as being drastically different and the way he behaved in this issue was just weird. it just smells like writers swivelling back and forth and looking at the ceiling and saying “well, we have rick jones and we have the warbound, so . . .”