This Week in Panels: Week 190

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Hey, hey, hey. It’s a pretty light week, mainly due to there being no issue of Shonen Jump, meaning that Gaijin Dan is powerless from lack of manga. So we’ve got me, Space Jawa, Jody and Matlock.

Strangely enough, Injustice has the most panel entries this week. Yeah, go figure. It’s an interesting issue because writing-wise, it’s really well-done. It’s a touching story about Superman telling Catwoman about Nightwing’s freak death in hopes that she’d be able to comfort Batman. The problem is the art by David Yardin.

Now, for the first half of the issue, Yardin’s art is rather good. Not fantastic, but it looks nice for the most part. You have to remember, though, that this is a weekly comic and even with multiple artists, the deadlines have to be frustrating. Somewhere around the halfway mark, that really starts to kick in and we get some… questionable art.

Dennis Farrell wrote a fun little article at Something Awful about some of the art, where Matlock and I both get namedropped. If you haven’t seen BATFACE yet, be warned.

Now let’s get started, beginning with one of my favorite sequences from this week. Hickman’s Avengers double-run is so great so far.

Avengers #11
Jonathan Hickman and Mike Deodato

Batman #20
Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, James Tynion IV and Alex Maleev

Batman and Red Hood #20
Peter J. Tomasi, Patrick Gleason and Cliff Richards

Deadpool #9
Brian Posehn, Gerry Duggan and Mike Hawthorne

Demon Knights #20
Robert Venditti and Chad Hardin

Green Lantern Corps #20
Peter J. Tomasi and Fernando Pasarin

Injustice: Gods Among Us #17 (Matlock and Jody’s pick)
Tom Taylor and David Yardin

Injustice: Gods Among Us #17 (Gavin’s pick)
Tom Taylor and David Yardin

Mega Man #25 (Gavin’s pick)
Ian Flynn and Jamal Peppers

Mega Man #25 (Jawa’s pick)
Ian Flynn and Jamal Peppers

Star Wars #5
Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda

Ultimates #24
Sam Humphries and Joe Bennett

Walking Dead #110
Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard

Just to point out, DC released the epilogue to Wrath of the First Lantern BEFORE the actual finale came out. Good going!

I’ve been pretty quiet with articles, but I’ve been working on a big article series that should be going up very soon. It’s going to be pretty niche and dumb, but I promise that it will NOT be wrestling-related.

In the meantime, have a metal remix of the Stinkoman 20X6 theme.

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5 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 190”

  1. “Just to point out, DC released the epilogue to Wrath of the First Lantern BEFORE the actual finale came out. Good going!”

    Release things on schedule and not bork the ending of the biggest run of their biggest writer’s career? Why on Earth would they do that?

  2. Damn! I wanted it so bad to be wrestling-related =/

  3. Good Job DC! Nice to see that they have kept up their tradition of ^%^^(^ up their own plots through ill-coordination…

    Thanks Gav… through you guys now I have to scramble and find these Mega Man Sonic issues….

    Brian Posehn has to be clinically insane to think up some of these things he has been for Deadpool right? Right?

  4. Gavok, you gonna write about Deadpool again at some point? It seems like Posehn and Duggan have their shit together and it’s worth writing about.

  5. @Rick Wears Pants: Not a bad idea, though I’ll probably wait until the current arc is over.