The Juggernaut Plus Prop Challenge

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Last year, I went to NY Comic Con, stared Artist Alley in the eye and laid down the gauntlet for the Venom Plus Prop Challenge. The bounty was wonderful. Naturally, I’d have to think of a new subject for my sketchbook during this year’s Comic Con trip. Venom is out and Juggernaut is in.

The theme is simple: Juggernaut and another object. Any object. It’s not for me to suggest what it is, but for the artist to come up with the idea. Luckily, nobody gave him a hammer because look where that put him. Depowered and off Marvel’s best book. And nobody drew Colossus in a Juggernaut helmet because that’s lame and smelly. You know it’s true.

Let’s see what we got.

Juggernaut with Umbrella
by Chris Giarusso

Juggernaut with Cell Phone
by Jacob Chabot

Juggernaut with Rocketpack
by Chris Houghton

Juggernaut with Walkman
by Ashley Riot

Juggernaut with NES (presumably playing that terrible X-Men game)
by Zack Turner

Juggernaut with Bling
by Julian Lytle

Juggernaut with Bicycle
by Jim Whaley

Juggernaut with Puppy
by Scott Cooper

Juggernaut with Rubik’s Cube
by Franco

Juggernaut with Toast
by Art Baltazar

Juggernaut with Brick… and Disturbing Batch
by Rick Parker

Juggernaut with Thinly-Veiled Apple Product
by William Wacllace

Juggernaut with Optimus Prime
by Marcelo Matere

Juggernaut with Kitties
by Maris Wicks

Juggernaut with the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak
by Patrick Thomas Parnell

Juggernaut with a Book of Juggernaut Plus Prop Sketches
by Jorell Rivera

Thanks to all the artists for their work. Though I have to say that I’m somewhat disappointed that nobody out there chose to have Juggernaut holding a bazooka, like in the good old days of the Konami arcade game.

Seriously, the bazooka needs to make a comeback.

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16 comments to “The Juggernaut Plus Prop Challenge”

  1. My vote goes to Maris Wicks.

  2. Not that it’s not cool, but why does Juggernaut need a bazooka? It feels like it’s in the same category as giving Namor scuba gear.

    Scott Cooper’s contribution was my favorite. Mr. Snuggles FTW.

  3. @W4 – Because Juggs basically ate the Tank Tank Fruit, and a tank’s gotta have a cannon.

  4. My favorites are the one of him and the sketchbook full f sketches of him and stuff (so wonderfully meta), the one of him and the kitties, and the one of him and the cellphone.

    No, Cain, we can’t hear you now.

  5. Chabot’s got my vote.

  6. @Josh: Juggernaut as one of the Four Emperors… how awesome would that be? Marvel has crossed over with everything else; why not “One Piece?”

  7. Got me a great sketch ink of namor and doom drinking beer at a bar while at the con this year. The straw from Doom’s stein really makes it for me.

  8. @W4 – I’d read a Marvel Mangaverse book that was basically just Marvel One Piece. Mutants as pirates, Sentinels as Marines (which makes, I dunno, Cameron Hodge Spandam?).

  9. Juggs w/cell phone, hilarious!

  10. Well I have wanted Giarusso and Balthazar together on a project for a long time… Thank you Gavok for finally giving it to me…=)

  11. @Daryll B – Chris G and Art Baltazar did a Tiny Titans / X-Men cover recreation together a few years ago. You can even download it for free from the downloads page on Chris G’s website.

    +1 for Chabot. LOL

  12. That is a great coloring job on Chabot’s art. Did he do that right there at the table?

  13. @clay: He most certainly did.

  14. Nice collection! I always love seeing what artists will come up with when given the same theme. Juggernaut with the sketchbook was too meta for me, my brain esplode.

    Juggs with kittens is awesome!

  15. O I know Manny. I got that but I wanted a Mini-Marvels/Tiny Titans Crossover series. THAT’S a license to print money and shame to Marvel and DC for not seeing that…LOL

  16. As an old school Juggernaut stan, I add my vote for Juggernaut with kitties. Nothing makes an otherwise sociopathic-appearing comic book character seem more human than giving him or her a kitty (see http://fuckyeahdamianwayne.tumblr.com/ for a good example)