Remender and Moore Care a Lot

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It’s been announced today that Rick Remender and Tony Moore — the guys who game us Fear Agent and Frankencastle — are joining forces once again for another ongoing.

Yes, Venom #1 will be released this coming March. Although the host is a secret (from what I hear, it’s totally John Jameson), the alien/human hybrid will be off trying to save the world under the government’s watch. Sure, this is the third time Venom’s worked as a government lackey, but I don’t stop eating pizza because I’ve had it twice before. Here’s a look at Venom-Wolf’s not-slobbering-and-crazy-for-human-flesh appearance.

So, yeah. I’m completely on board.

The real question is what do I have to do to become the guy who writes the “Venom Saga” backup in the first issue?

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10 comments to “Remender and Moore Care a Lot”

  1. The second concept art is freaking awesome.

  2. Damn you Tony Moore, stop being so awesome!

  3. I think this could be rather interesting. I actually think it may be Flash Thompson, also, while this news makes me happy, I’m a bit sad that this push forward, may result in Anti-Venom going into limbo. I know some hardcore venomites don’t like him, but after following him for many years, I think what Slott did for him was rather interesting and a good direction for him.

    I look forward to your thoughts on this new Venom Gavok. Best of luck and keep up the good stuff! 🙂

  4. I agree with Shockdingo on two accouns.

    Most speculation is going in the direction of Flash Thompson, but John Jameson is a good candidate too, I hear.

    I’m also concerned about the future of Anti-Venom. New Ways to Live was good, in my opinion.

  5. Put me down as really liking that body armor design, as well. The Venom symbiote really is the ultimate in infiltration gear, providing you can control it. Considering the art of the more regular “monstrous” Venom, I’m guessing the new host will have as much trouble with that as previous hosts did.

  6. @Shockdingo: Actually, I’d lay some odds on John Jameson… though Dan Slott loves Man-Wolf.

  7. They should just stick with the Mac Gargan character which is perfectly serviceable as a story about what happens when a lifetime scrub suddenly becomes an A-tier in his business late in life and isn’t ready for it. They don’t have to make up an anti-Spiderman motive because there’s decades of stories about it that Marvel can digitally insert into their own comics for cheapass postmodernism.

  8. @Shockdingo – Dan Slott said on his Formspring account that Marvel has plans for Anti-Venom in 2011. Let’s just hope they are good plans. 😉

  9. @Two-Bit Specialist: Really? Thanks for the info dude! 🙂

  10. I really hope this is Flash Thompson and not John Jameson. I just like Flash as a character more right now.