Sudden news about Daken

December 9th, 2010 by | Tags:

Oh my god, he’s right.

I still don’t know how to pronounce it, though.

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13 comments to “Sudden news about Daken”

  1. Don’t remember where I heard it, but I’m pretty sure it’s DOH-ken, not DAY-ken.

  2. Head-scratching all the way around.

    I never Considered that it might be pronounced any way other than “day-kin.”

  3. He’s Japanese, so it should be pronounced like it would in Japanese.

  4. It’s pronounced like DAH-kin. Ken means dog, and with Da, his name translates as mutt.

  5. It’s pronunced as it’s written: DAKEN. It’s Japanese, not English. So not Dayken, not Dakin or whatever. Just DA-KEN, like the Russian word for Yes + Ken.
    Watch the video with the Newsarama interview with Liu.

  6. Sudden news about Daken: he rocks slightly less than Dokken.

  7. @Jeez: This is a no-Newsarama zone.

  8. According to FBB, it’s short for Daniel Kenneth Way. But now I can’t remember if they were being facetious.

  9. @Steven No, thats the truth. IIRC Daniel Way posted that on his twitter account (and yeah, going by the Japanese pronunciation it’s dah-ken).

  10. eh, I’m more concerned with the way Wolverine looks like he’s about to eat another baby on that page Esther linked to.

  11. @Jezz – Thanks. That is where I heard it from.

  12. When I met Way at NYCC in 2009 he pronounced it DAY-ken.

    I think I read somewhere Daken is actually a merging of Way’s first name with the name of his son Kenneth.

  13. @versasovantare:


    Yes, we care a lot.