The Venom Plus Prop Challenge

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As I talked about in my article about NYCC ’10, I decided to make use of Artist Alley after three years of passing it by. The question was, what did I want out of it? Asking for a sketch of just a comic character wasn’t enticing enough for me. I needed something just a little extra.

Therefore, I came up with the Venom Plus Prop Challenge, based on fulfilling my own typecast. Each artist would be tasked with drawing Venom along with another object. Any object. What will the prop be? That’s up to the artist his/herself. I had a lot of fun with this and got a good pile of sketches out of it.

Let the showcase begin.

Venom with Lobster Bib
by Todd Nauck

Venom with Handlebar Mustache
by Jacob Chabot

Venom with Tutu
by Leanne Hannah

Venom with Ice Cream
by Art Baltazar

Venom with Crown
by Jerry “The King” Lawler

Venom with Boombox
by Chris Giarrusso

Venom with Spider Jersulem Glasses
by Michael Dolce

Venom with Fanny Pack
by GOD

Venom with Light Bulb
by Micah L. Lee

Venom with Maracas
by Julian Lytle

Venom with Guitar
by Eric Kim

Venom with Rectal Thermometer
by Scott Wegener

Venom with Toy Car
by Josue Justiniano

Venom with Trumpet
by Derek Fridolfs

Venom with Book of Venom Plus Prop Sketches
by Andrew Hussie

Thanks again to all the artists for making this happen.

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14 comments to “The Venom Plus Prop Challenge”

  1. Fuck yeah, Andrew Hussie sketch!

  2. That was awesome. That sketch of Venom eating ice-cream is a classic.

  3. Dude, Jacob Chabot! I need to lend you the DVDs of Jacob in his wrestling days as The Beetle of Hampshire College’s World Wrestling Collective (of which I was a proud part, as Big Papa Smurf.)

  4. OMG, Jerry Lawler can draw? My love and respect for the man just went up several notches.

    One quibble, though – it’s only a fanny pack is the pack only attaches around the wearer’s waist – that Venom has a regular backpack.

  5. @Prodigal: Venom is wearing a fanny pack. Look closer.

  6. @Prodigal I know, right? I didn’t “the King” could draw either. That is awesome.

    My favorites gotta be Venom with Ice Cream and Venom with Sketchbook.

  7. @david brothers: Sorry, it was doing too good a job of blending in to the costume. My bad.

    And Venom with the Sketchbook of Venom with Props That Include the Sketchbook of Venom with Props That Venom Is Holding is my favorite also.

  8. Haha these are fantastic. My personal favorites are the Handlebar Mustache, Crown, Spider Jerusalem Glasses, Rectal Thermometer (lol Wegener) and… everything after that, really. Though tbh they’re all great.

  9. Lord, yes, please.

  10. […] Gavin’s “Venom + Prop” sketchbook is now online! […]

  11. cool idea man. hahahaha… i love the lobster bib and the trumpet.

  12. Oh, lord, this is awesome. XD

  13. Jerry Lawler can draw.

    Jerry Lawler can draw.

    Jerry Lawler can draw.

    Jerry lawler can draw.

    Jeryr loller cna draw.
    jeyrr lowlre can dwra.

    Does not compute, does not compute, does not compute, 101 error fckisheeyhirnzaeuiaafnnafkaa…

  14. The trumpet made me laugh my ass off.