Fourcast! 79: What David Read

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-David bought comics!
Heroes for Hire 4, by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning/Robert Atkins
Power Man & Iron Fist 2, by Fred Van Lente/Wellington Alves & Nelson Pereira
Thunderbolts 154, by Jeff Parker & Declan Shalvey
Joe the Barbarian 8, by Grant Morrison & Sean Murphy
-You’ll never guess which one he wasn’t too fond of.
-Esther only bought a single book, so David gets to do most of the reviewing.
-Luckily, the Fourcast! is your number one source for digressions… so this one’s an hour.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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10 comments to “Fourcast! 79: What David Read”

  1. Best Man-Thing joke:

    “Giant-Sized Man Thing”

  2. @gary: That’s the only Man-Thing joke.

  3. I don’t read any of these, except T-bolts. But I’ve heard you praise H4H, PM&IF, and the ‘bolts… so Joe the Barbarian?

    (I’m at work; can’t listen to the cast.)

  4. @david brothers: I would thing that any *Descriptive Word* Man-Thing would be a joke.

  5. Man-Thing is an empath. Fear causes him/it pain…

  6. Esther: you were kind of right about the word for listening/hearing, it’s aurally, which is pronounced the same as orally. 😉

  7. I remember when the Man-Thing movie came out on Sci-Fi (which was terrible by the way). They strategically didn’t advertise it as “Giant-Sized Man Thing.”

  8. Astonishing Man-Thing, Incredible Man-Thing, Spectacular Man-Thing… she’s right!

    And I remember the Man-Thing movie as well. It should be considered the second Man-Thing joke.

  9. “You’ll never guess which one he wasn’t too fond of.”

    If I said “the one that doesn’t star black people”, would I be close?

  10. @Jeremy: You’d be right, but in the wrong at the same time.