Fourcast! 76: This Week In Comics

February 14th, 2011 by | Tags: , , ,

-We bought comics!
-David: Power Man & Iron Fist 1, Heroes for Hire 4
-Esther: Batgirl 18, Batman and Robin 20, Birds of Prey 9, Knight and Squire 5
-Of course, we digress like a mug.
-We also talk about the Origin of Bane, and why he’s so awkward
-Esther talks about some fan-pandering turned fan-baiting in Batman & Robin 20
-I talk about some death in comics stuff
-These covers come up:

-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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6 comments to “Fourcast! 76: This Week In Comics”

  1. Okay…I think your idea about the Prankster is the best idea ever. Some Hipster Prankster would be awesome.

  2. Okay…I think your idea about the Prankster is the best idea ever. A Hipster Prankster that is just a condescending douche to the point where Superman has to kill him would be neat to see.

  3. I’ve thrown a book across the room out of hate for some god-awful plot twist. Never done it with a comic, and I’ve read my share of crappy comics. And I think Titano showed up during Busiek’s recent-ish Superman comics…

  4. OMG, I am loving Heroes for Hire, I have to say. It’s almost everything I miss about old Birds of Prey, except it’s all Marvel-y, so a lot of the characters are completely new to me. And the velociraptor bit just put it over the top with fun.

  5. That is kinda hilarious but I am not reading Knight and Squire for the exact reasons you listed off for reading Knight and Squire.

    I just feel like if you are going to title the book Knight & Squire it should be primarily about Knight & Squire and if you want to do a book about Quirky heroes in Great Britain DCU then you should call it “Official DCU Guide to Great Britain with our guides Knight & Squire” because that is what the book currently feels like.

  6. Bane did all his reading while still imprisoned, with books provided from a friendly Jesuit priest/mentor figure. He was still in prison when the wardens “volunteered” him for the Venom tests. He was never paroled– he just escaped, and headed for Gotham with his minions.

    As for Bane and the ladies, I think there is at least some support for Simone’s interpretation. In the old “Legacy” storyline, Ras al’Ghul adopts him as his new heir, and his behavior toward Talia does not suggest a broad experience of romantic entanglement. And given his backstory with the Venom, it may be kind of like an alcoholic who’s never pulled a date while sober.