Fourcast! 47: Captains Marvel

May 31st, 2010 by | Tags: ,

-Continuity Off!
-Esther has Captain Marvel!
-David has Captain Marvel!
-Wait, what?
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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6 comments to “Fourcast! 47: Captains Marvel”

  1. I’m not sure about the Fawcett original version of Mr. Mind’s execution, but Larsen uses it a couple times with his homages to Marvel with Mighty Man and the Horde mind control worms…

  2. a short search on google for mr. mind’s execution gives this:

  3. @elad: I feel like being born, growing up, getting educated, getting interested in comics, writing for this blog for over a year, and recording over forty podcasts – was worth it just to see that.

  4. There are other Captain Marvels that aren’t necessarily mentioned, but are still strange variations on Captain Marvel:

    Marvel Comics has the British “version” of the Fawcett Captain Marvel called Marvelman. The rights issues, the problems with McFarlane and Neil Gaiman, and even the whole “Alan Moore hates Marvel” comes primarily from problems with Marvelman (Miracleman, as its known in the states). In the Alan Moore stories, we have problems with identity, superheroes having sex, super-babies and births in comics, Nazis relationship to supermen, and many odd and wonderous things that, in effect, have made the rest of the other Captain Marvel writers respond to those ideas:

    Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ Captain Marvel in Kingdom Come is very much reflected in the darker and god-like Marvelman.

    Captain Marvel’s Genis Vell’s insanity seems to be similar to the mad-god ideas originating from Marvelman.

    Even Marvel Boy’s issues, innovative and interesting as they were, are very experimental in the same way that Marvelman was experimental.

    Also, when Captain Marvel’s rights were up in the air, there were certain american companies that tried to create their own Captain Marvel. One, in particular, was a Captain Marvel that was a cop who could make his body come apart by saying S-P-L-I-T. Another was the odd Captain Marvel that became Captain Miracle…which was an odd group of redrawn Captain Marvel issues that were traced and redrawn as Miracleman issues, and then redrawn again for American audiences as Captain Miracle. Even Captain Miracle was again redrawn for spanish audiences as Miracle Man.

    Which again was picked up by Marvel Comics to use the name Miracle Man for their own renamed Marvelman.

  5. I feel david did a bit of a disservice by treating Skrull Captain Marvel as a footnote. He was without a doubt the best part of the Secret Invasion event and miniseries.

    Then again, he did help lead to Protector, so that explains that.

  6. When you were talking about Captain Marvel coldcocking Superman to fight a monster alone, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I’d seen that before. Then it hit me, that’s the climax of Kingdom Come. A really great example that, even more than Superman, Billy Batson has great humility.