New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Five

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What happened last time? That’s a good question that I’d rather not answer, but here it goes. Thor want to leave the afterlife of bones and weapons and his arguing with Hela reveals that she’s already about to burst with Thor Jr. Now Thor definitely wants out before he has to do the delivery and put a crib together. Also, Director Danvers told off Hawkeye and said he was worse than Arsenal. Uh oh.

Where is Hawkeye in that group shot? At the vending machine, I guess.

ManiacClown felt that Hawkeye’s missing lucky bow would have been found on a bow rack under the label “lucky”.

Tomorrow means lots and lots of bullets.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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8 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Five”

  1. You know what those tigers need? Some guns strapped on all Dino-riders style. Also they should go recruit Ultimate Devil Dinosaur. And strap some guns on him. Gun guns guns!

  2. Funny how they went back to Square-Headed Hawkeye, after the less conventional Round-Headed model Hitch used.

    Of course, my favrit is Punchably-Rubber-Faced-Hawkeye, from George Perez’s run on Avengers. Oh, Punchably-Rubber-Faced-Hawkeye. Your face was so rubbery and punchable. Like that guy! That guy out of Amelie and Delicatessen and Alien: Resurrection! Dominique Pinon!



  3. I think the tigers should have had guns too.

  4. While we’re adding guns to the tigers, it wouldn’t hurt to add some extra guns to Iron Man, too, War Machine style.

  5. Even Shanna geared up from a one tooth to a multiple teeth necklace.

  6. And spikey armor, the tigers need spikey armor.

  7. Is Black Panther riding that tiger?

  8. Their victory is certain now. They have four Eyes of the Tiger.