New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Four

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What happened on Day Three? Let’s see, the duo of Hawkeye and Iron Man were doing pretty badly against the Defenders until Captain America showed up with what seemed to be Xena Warrior Princess and the Glamazon Beth Phoenix. They turn the tide and start whipping some Defender tail. A tail that Hellcat surprisingly does not have. During all this, Zarda punches Luke Cage in the nuts and prevents the possibility of Ultimate Danielle Cage.

We move forward.

Here is a quick cutting room floor panel. The expression on his face sells it so well:

Thanks to ManiacClown for the Thor dialogue. Speaking of Thor, I only noticed during the editing, but Frank Cho snuck in some uncensored bare breasts on that page. I blacked it out, but in the original spread you can see it in-between the panel of Thor sitting on the throne and the panel of Hela unmasking. I guess Frank Cho is to boobs as Leinil Yu is to Howard the Duck.

More bare breasts tomorrow, but these will be the comic book hair-draped-over-the-nipples kind.

Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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16 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 1: Day Four”

  1. I remember that punch from Zarda; it didn’t look like a ‘nad-punch to me.

    I’d look again, but I’m unable to view the pix on my phone anymore. This site seems to like Palm Pre less and less.

  2. “I guess Frank Cho is to boobs as Leinil Yu is to Howard the Duck.”

    That is the best sentence I will read all day.

  3. Yu sticking Howard in fight scenes never fails to amuse me.

  4. Mario reference just slayed me XD

    also was the 3rd page as completely incomprehensible as it is in the parody?

  5. I would’ve gone with the MST3K reference. Something that geeky can trump anything.

  6. @Nathan
    No, it’s completely comprehensible but actually stupider. short version
    Thor: I want back to Valkyrie.
    Hela: Impregnate me and you will.

  7. There seems to be another breast next to Hela’s last sentence.

  8. Man, Loeb really likes to push the incest doesn’t he?

  9. @LurkerWithout: Thor and Hela aren’t related.

  10. In ultimate universe Loki’s and Thor’s father is Odin (unlike the 616 version in which Loki’s adopted) and Hela is Loki’s daughter (or at least no other explanation has been offered yet).

  11. @LurkerWithout: To be fair Wanda and Pietro were still really creepy in GOOD Ultimates.

    @wonthan: I figured they just took the basics of Norse mythology they didn’t mess with as read

  12. The way I figure it, Zarda just straight up shattered her axe when she attacked Luke Cage’s Power Man. You can’t see it because of a wizard.

  13. Im not fussed for not seeing it, but why go to the effort to blacking it out?


    I havent seen violence and swearing get edited out.

  14. @TobyS: We aren’t having this debate.

  15. The answer is really simple: because I felt like it.

    Also, we haven’t had any real explicit swearing in any of the Ultimate Edits outside of the All-Star Batman and Robin sloppy censoring gag way back.

  16. I’m just catching up on this Ultimate Edit, but I was really surprised at the Adventure Time reference. Hilarious!