New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Seven

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Previously, the male Ultimates have been up to their ears in otherworldly creeps and Zarda going into a bitch-fit certainly isn’t helping things. Not only that, but Valkyrie’s got a big sword with Captain America’s shield’s name on it. Does that shield have a name? It’s a moot point now.

Another week is in the can. ManiacClown and I will be back next time, but keep checking in on 4th Letter and feel free to keep tabs on my Twitter.

Thanks for reading!

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    6 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 2: Day Seven”

    1. God. Could that last page group shot have been any more plastic? They look like a giant-sized model kit. Does one of the orcs have a camera?
      “Rargh! Smiles, now! Arrange Hawkeye’s head so we don’t know if he’s dead… hey you, dragon, hold it right there! Perfect!”

    2. More like bore-o-phyll!

    3. “… Ergo, the coloring of plants.”

      THis should be a new meme.

    4. You get a -1 for lack of Adon, but a +5 for the Captain America and the Avengers reference.

    5. I suggest we name the shield Doug.

    6. this is some hilarious stuff. i found this through someone’s comment on scans daily. wish i had thought of it first, great job.