Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Four

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Previously, Colossus and the Hulk smashed the hell out of stuff because blowing up pieces of Avalon is really important. How come? I guess they want to make sure that they destroy Magneto regardless, but I’m sure there’s some cool stuff the world could use from a big, floating island. It seems so pointless, you know?

Then Nick Fury showed up alongside Reed, Doom and Zarda. His ace-in-the-hole (or at least the one for this version of the story) is that it doesn’t matter that he has a metal gun on him. The way Magneto’s been fighting, it’s like he only strikes in the name of his own delayed defense. Valkyrie cuts his arm off and THEN he uses his magnetic powers on her sword. Captain America beats him around and THEN he uses his magnetic powers on his shield and the surrounding environment. Wolverine mauls him for a minute and THEN he uses his magnetic powers to tear his skeleton apart. Even this whole scheme is based on following up, “They started it!” I’m just trying to make sense out of what they’re giving me here.


Yeah, that’s about it for Magneto. Come back tomorrow, as ManiacClown and I start on the long stretch of epilogue. We still have two overly-violent deaths to go!

Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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9 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 5: Day Four”

  1. Am I the only one who’s giving Cry For Justice a second look for non-ironic reasons? I might be the one person not willing to burn James Robinson at the stake.

    Note to DC: snap up Chris Giarusso. You can have Superfriends and Batman: The Brave And The Bold, and still have enough room for him. At the very least, he gives good sketch.

  2. Oh, and Ultimatium looks messed up as all hell. Is there any hope for Jeph Loeb?

  3. Man, that little parenthetical “behold” just kills me. Great work.

  4. why did you have to bring up Mini Marvels, I was just starting to recover ;_;

    @Jason: agreed. I mean the Atlas arc was bad, but he was able to make up for it, so I’m hoping his run with Bagley does the same for CFJ.

  5. @Jason: I’m reading it the same way I read Identity Crisis and Nextwave; as stand-alone stories with only loose connections to ‘continuity’, if any.

    Continuity is overrated.

  6. @Montreuil:
    I myself am imagining a silent “Optic Blast” to go along the Behold… That IS a Marvel vs Capcom reference, right?

  7. @Christian: Come on, man. In the last few pages, I’ve made references to X-Men Legends AND the X-Men arcade game. Of course it’s a Capcom reference.

  8. Forgive me if I’ve already asked this question, but…

    …is it me, or does the parody make more sense than the source?

  9. @W4: You’re not the only person to say that, though you may be the first to say it to us about Ultimatum specifically, rather than the Edited UltiLoebverse in general.