Be Diverse and Be a Slob

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Let me tell you about James Howard. He’s a stand up gentlemen and one of my oldest internet friends. If I was Jigsaw, he’d be Loony Bin Jim, only instead of being held up in an asylum where a disgusting fat man steals his applesauce, he’s in Canada where… I’m sorry, I completely lost track of where I was going with this.

James is currently writing a blog called Gone East to Western. At first I was curious as to why we didn’t have a link to it until now, but then I realized, oh yeah, he only started updating it recently. Maybe he’s busy writing that guest article I commissioned him to do like two years ago.

Anyway, he did a recent update about a library mural that he’s forced to see day in and day out. Despite the butt-ugly painting that suggest that different cultures (which includes people without legs, judging from the people in the center) can enjoy library services together, the mural is ripe of things that would get your ass kicked out of any self-respecting library.

Give it a read. It’s funny stuff.

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5 comments to “Be Diverse and Be a Slob”

  1. I work part time in a library myself and I think everything that could go wrong is going wrong in that mural, haha. I especially enjoy the young boy planting a tree. And, No Sitting On The Books!


  2. I second “No Sitting on the Books”, especially as far as cats go.

    It’s funny, actually, a couple weeks back I came across the necessary files — since transferred over to a new computer, meaning I had no idea where the hell they’d gone — and I was like “man I should finally do that guest article, maybe I can surprise him with it”. Well, clearly the surprise aspect ain’t going to happen, but hey! We’ll see if I can’t eke out some time between assignments to finally get that sucker done, especially now that I’ve re-got what I need for it.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. Wait wait wait. MMK is in London now?

  4. Yes, but not that London. The Canadian London.

    It caught me off guard too.

  5. oh. Never mind then.