Friendly Neighborhood Reminders

May 15th, 2009 by |

We hit 1000 posts the day before yesterday, so I figure now is as good a time as any for some station identification.

Who we are: David, Esther, Gavok
What we do: write about comics from a variety of angles using analysis, criticism, comedy, and common sense
What we like: Gavok likes Venom, Esther likes Batman, David likes black people
What we don’t like: Racism, sexism, Howard Mackie
Pet peeves: Gavok

You can find us on RSS (comments feed here) and livejournal. Our posts come with a Related Posts feature at the bottom, which should link you to posts about similar subjects. We’ve got a search box off to the left, and if you click “+/-” under categories, you’ll find all of the categories we’ve written under lately.

If you want to get in touch with us for hate mail, fan letters, or review copies, our email addresses are over on the right under our names, along with a way to sort by name.

Any questions?

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5 comments to “Friendly Neighborhood Reminders”

  1. Not really related, but any of you going to San Diego this year? Was cool to see David on that blogging panel last year with Laura Hudson and the dude from Savage Critics!

  2. I think that Esther is going to be on the floor in San Diego, but right now, I’m not gonna be there. My next con is APE this fall. I’d kind of like to do another panel at Wondercon next year, though!

  3. “David likes black people”

    When you put it in basic terms like that, I don’t know if it’s like being refreshingly straightforward, or snarkily self-deprecating via intense reduction, or just writing for the USA Today readership. You made my brain page fault!

  4. Oh, and keep up the good writing! Thank you!

  5. @Liquidben: It’s a mix, but mostly just being straightforward 🙂

    I’d write for the USA Today readership if I could get USA Today numbers, though. Whoo-wee!