We Pause for Radio Station Identification

April 19th, 2011 by |

4thletter! is:

David! (likes music)
Esther! (likes Batmans)
Gavin! (likes Venoms)


What do you guys like?
good comic books

What do you guys hate?
bad comics (david also hates mediocre comics, but he’s a douchebag)

What do you guys hope for?
that you like reading us talking about comics

Got an RSS feed?
no doubt.

I need more scorn and tangents in my life. Can you help with that?
there is a podcast (the Fourcast!, get it?) where David and Esther talk about comics. subscribe via Podcast Alley , RSS, or iTunes. the podcast is currently on hold on account of Wondercon being the comic book equivalent of a ship filled with bubonic rats, but will probably be back next week.

Who pays for all of this?
David did, then Project Wonderful did, and now Amazon does. click the referral links (generally a book’s title) and use the search box over on the right–that keeps the lights on. or don’t, y’know. whatever feels right.

What’s up with the site, man?
yeah, it has a really unwieldy navigation system, but that is being (er, “will be”) worked on so that you can find stuff worth reading. in the meantime, just use the categories.

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2 comments to “We Pause for Radio Station Identification”

  1. Bad comics are a HOOT!
    For example, we’re covering the Silver Age Shadow at Hero & Heroine Histories which starts out mediocre, but becomes classically-AWFUL within a couple of issues!

    But, keep up the eclectic mix!
    It’s never dull, and that’s what keeps drawing me back to this blog! http://www.4thletter.net/wp-content/plugins/smilies-themer/SAEmoticons/smile.png

  2. Glad to hear the Fourcast is coming back. I was missing you guys!