California Love – E3

July 10th, 2007 by |

I’m heading from the Bay Area to Los Angeles in around 45 minutes for E3! This means that blogging on my part might be kind of sparse, but that’s cool. I’ll have to make it up on the back end.

I started up a library for the books I’ve got here in the Bay. This isn’t the whole collection, mind, I still got around 13 boxes of books left in GA. I’m getting them shipped here soon. You can scope it out at this link right here. Books.app for OS X is nice, highly recommended. I’ll update it as I go along. Only around 65 books thus far. Multiply that by, say, nine or ten, and you’ve got a pretty good estimate of how many books and how little self control I have.


I’m up out this piece! I’ll get up whatever I can, but no promises! If I see some cool comics games (I’ve already played Hellboy and one other, I think), I’ll drop a line here. My only plan is to see some hot games and pick up some Starburys for me and my little brother. Those kicks are pretty nice to be on the cheap.

If you’re in the LA area, drop me an email. It’s off to the right side there, on the sidebar. We can hook up and you can tell me I got bad taste in comics.

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