Hermanos No More!

December 22nd, 2008 by |

I had a lot of content ready for this week. I’ve got my two end of year lists to get posted, some stuff about Frank Miller, and probably some stuff about black people, I dunno.

But! I’m on vacation from work, in Los Angeles for Christmas, and getting my Joe Mad on by playing video games and ignoring comics.

Back in a week. Gav and Esther will hold you down, I think!

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5 comments to “Hermanos No More!”

  1. i’d personally like to hear your take on what herr miller is doing with the movie version of the spirit

  2. I’m psyched, I’m going to see it probably on Christmas Eve.

    I guess I’ll write one more post before I go on vacation about that very subject, and then a review afterward.

    Thanks for ruining my vacation 😐

  3. Of course, while you’re all waiting for hermanos to come back, you can always pass the time by buying and watching my goddamn Frosty Returns iRiff!

    Also, new installment of We Care a Lot should be up tonight.

  4. While I’m thinking about it, Gavok . . . any reaction to Ultimatum #2 getting released on Wednesday, along with the Ultimates 3 hardcover? Is it a good thing that I thought of this site when I looked at the release schedule?

  5. I appreciate that you did.

    I’m glad the Ultimates 3 hardcover gets released this week. It means it’s too late to make all the holiday gift money. Suckers.

    Can’t believe we’ve been doing the Ultimate Edit thing for a year.