Jubes, Harl, and Diz

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Jubes, Harl, and Diz

I commissioned this piece from a friend of mine, Adam Rosenlund. I commissioned it because I dig his art and mainly because I was curious. I just told him I wanted Jim Lee-era Jubilee, Harley Quinn, and late-era Dizzy from 100 Bullets in a mall food court and let him go wild.

It’s pretty awesome.

One accidental thing about this– these are basically three of my favorite characters at different points of my life. Jubilee is pre/early teens, Harley is late teens, and Diz is adulthood. Weird, totally unintentional.

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6 comments to “Jubes, Harl, and Diz”

  1. Generally I’m not a fan of Harley. Her manic energy exhausts me. But in moderation she’s really fun, and she makes this sketch work. I remember identifying with Jubilee when they aired the X-men cartoon series in the early nineties, too.

  2. Wow, that’s great. He even got that Jubes was short.

  3. Man that is great…I want to see more of his stuff now!

  4. Yeah, Adam’s a great guy. I had the chance to hang out with him at NYCC this year, and he’s just as cool in person as his art is in real life.

  5. Wow, what an obscenely disproportionate forearm.

  6. Adam’s art is great… But his sister is a freak. 🙂