Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Three

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Back for round three.

Yesterday we had Magneto strangle Mystique and then throw a rogue Madrox dupe out the window, where he promptly exploded. I hope they weren’t really in space or else he’d have just doomed them all. What an anti-climax that would be. Even still, by tossing Madrox out the window, Magneto’s letting all the heat out.

Now it’s time for some Yellowjacket and Hawkeye action. It’s best to remember exactly what gruesome sight they’re following up on.

ManiacClown wanted me to fit in a Bad Taste reference in regards to the first page, but only after the fact did he realize he meant Dead Alive. That scamp.

Isn’t it kind of convenient that Pym keeps his special technology to save Janet’s life in the Triskelion rather than the now-destroyed building where his lab was and he was under house arrest in?

Tomorrow we get more X-Men drama. Whee.

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4 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Three”

  1. Wow. I thought last issue’s cliffhanger was going to be the high water mark of stupid, but good ol’ Jeph figured out a way to top it. I seriously would not have believed any of this got past an editor were I not seeing it with my own eyes.

  2. Good to know that the teleporting guy couldn’t escape water. Hopefully someone will remember that weakness for 616…

  3. So Blob eats Wasp, and Giant Man eats Blob.

    A) I’m glad that the Blob wasn’t a proctologist.
    B) Got milk?
    C) I guess it beats the standard fare at the Avengers’ cafeteria.
    D) None of the above

  4. Later, maybe Blob’s daughter will eat Hank Pym? I think thats Ultimate Firestar…