Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Four

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As we last left our Ultimate heroes, Yellowjacket bit off the Blob’s head out of revenge and Wolverine found Nightcrawler lying amongst the poo-gas. Now we continue with the X-Men and see what Thor and Captain America are up to.

Those X-Men sure don’t give a shit about the millions of other people who died. Muties are so elitist. Yeah, I said it.

Thanks to ManiacClown for the usual assistance. I really only mention his name and bold it out out of habit these days. Maniac Clown, dudes.

Tomorrow we’ll get more Thor fun as well as Multiple Man.

Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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9 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 3: Day Four”

  1. I assume you had a brain spasm and typoed “poo gas” for “crud vapors”

  2. No, my viewings of Freakazoid have taught me that the sewer is definitely full of poo-gas and doody-water.

  3. @Gavok:

    skip to 1:17


    still a good fine reference!

    ultimatum ends with magneto giving the FROM HELLS HEART speech from Wrath of Khan, and then reed calls him a weenie and well you know where i am going with this.

    and then namor wrestles a bear for no reason.

  4. Seeing as Batman: Brave and the Bold started between this issue and the last, I now hear Thor’s lines being delivered with the insane bravado John DiMaggio gives Aquaman in that show. It’s awesome.

  5. @ Sanchel

    Oh man, that’s perfect. When Aquaman comes back in DCU proper I hope they make him as cheese-tastic as he is in B: B&B.

  6. And by “Sanchel” I of course meant “Sanschel.” DOH!

  7. So I’m just wondering how Doom is profiting from all of this. I mean I know it is foolish to expect logic and consistency from a Loeb comic but wasn’t the end of Ulitmates 3 him talking up how this was all his plan.
    What sort of a plan is this?

  8. Ski resort in Latveria. Duh.

  9. Doom plans to corner the world sno-cone concession market. Wheels within wheels, thats our Doomsie…