glamourpuss: striking a blow against misogyny!

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Dave Sim‘s fabulous, startling, and _____ glamourpuss magazine has taken a decidedly political stance in just its fifth issue! The eponymous glamourpuss has something to say and she isn’t holding back! Read on, but brace yourselves, because this is fabulously startling!

glamourpuss-issue5-01 glamourpuss-issue5-02

Oh my! Sadly, the brutality of the print industry strikes again. No, glamourpuss (the magnificent magazine) hasn’t been canceled, nor has glamourpuss (the fabulous fashionista) been removed from her lofty position. No, she’s just missing a bit of the latest development in the now-past presidential race:

Barack Obama made Hillary Clinton (wait for it) Secretary of State.

The nerve!

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8 comments to “glamourpuss: striking a blow against misogyny!”

  1. I bought the first issue of this, and I was very pleased with the art and overall design of it. I like how it’s divided into different sections, and it really shows that comics can be much more than the 4 color superhero drama. Sims has also done a great job taking on that photo realism that was big decades ago. But for the life of me I just can’t place Sim’s audience here. I don’t know a lot of guys that would buy this to enjoy the material as ironically as Sim. And I’m pretty sure most women are going to say “Haha no thanks” to this as soon as they see the creator’s name on it.

    It’s a god damn mystery, is what it is.

  2. Sim is an amazing artist, but I think he’s also basically insane.

    The fact that he’s writing what amounts of female fanfic now is kind of funny, though.

  3. If only Hillary had made it to the White House. Can you imagine the possibilities of a FEMALE superhero?

  4. That’s a whole lot of words I don’t feel like reading. Could someone give me the reader’s digest condensed version of the linked article?

  5. “You’re dumb.”

  6. You probably should have linked to “Tangents” instead of wikipedia under Sim’s name, david

  7. You should probably have done all the work for people, david

    What were you thinking?

  8. 🙂