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Unknown Soldier 21: words by Joshua Dysart, art by Rick Veitch, cover by Dave Johnson. No preview online, near as I can tell.

The white man came to Africa with rifles and Bibles; Heard the name, started changin’ the titles.

Joshua Dysart and Alberto Ponticelli’s Unknown Soldier is pretty great. I wrote an appreciation of it for Comics Alliance earlier this month. It’s winding down in a surprisingly organic way, and this issue is a one-shot that looks like it’s going to work with some of the themes of the book. The solicit:

A standalone story with guest art by industry great Rick Veitch (SWAMP THING)! The AK-47 is the shining star of resistance movements, small wars and domestic crime the world over. And this is the story of a single rifle’s 30-year trek from Cold War Soviet Union to an unknown soldier deep in the African bush.

I’m on the hook, and it sounds like this is a good point for people who aren’t reading to give it a try, too. If you like it, the first trade is ten bucks. Here’s the history of the AK-47 on Wikipedia.

4thletter reads comics! Here are some pull lists for floppical format funnybooks.
David: Captain America 607, Heralds 5, Unknown Soldier 21
Esther: Action Comics 890, Green Lantern 55, The Brave and the Bold 18, Wonder Woman 600
Gavin: Green Lantern 55, Jokers Asylum II Clayface, Invincible 73, Captain America 607, Deadpool: Wade Wilson’s War 2, Deadpool Team-Up 892, Doomwar 5, Marvel Zombies 4, Luke Cage 3, Secret Avengers 2

Looks like… Gavin likes everything, Esther likes villains, and I like… nothing. Ouch.

I like this post from my buddy Lauren about what she’s learned by reading print comics over the past few months.

What’re you reading, what looks good, what should I be reading, etc. Let’s do it.

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5 comments to “The Cipher 06/30/10”

  1. Y’all should put up a weekly pull list of the crew. It’s cool to see what you guys are reading.

    Except Gavin since he reads everything.

  2. This week just MZ5, Invincible and Turf. Though your post made me check to see if my shop had the 1st Unknown Soldier trade (they didn’t)…

  3. Captain America, Secret Avengers, and Invincible Iron Man Annual for me. I also finished Pluto so I got the first couple volumes of Monster and the first 20th Century Boys off of Amazon.

  4. Power Girl: A New Beginning tpb, Vimanarama, my respective introductions to Amanda Conner and Grant Morrison which I thank you for recommending; the first Masterworks collection of Captain America, and the old Spider-Man Classic reprints of Ditko’s Spider-Man. In manga I recently picked up the first vol. of Monster, and the latest Hikaru no Go and Otomen.

  5. Cool heads up – I love that whole ‘follow the history of the object’ narrative device. It was good in Dan Abnett’s Sinister/Dexter, Garth Ennis used it well in 303, and even Supernatural made good use of it recently in live action form.