The Cipher 05/25/11: Hip-Hop Is Dead Edition

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I messed around and got bored, so this is closed for business. In the meantime, here’s something from Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira 2:

These aren’t good comics. They’re best comics. Visit Otomblr for more. I’m starting to think that people should be making comics that are at least trying to be as good or better than Akira. It’s cool if you don’t make that mark (it’s a high, but worthy mark) but if you’re just taking paychecks… nah son. Feed your family first, but holler at me when you make something worth reading.

Here’s a song I like off Killer Mike’s Pl3dge:

You should cop that album. There’s four or five serious bangers, and the worst it gets is “pretty okay.” And even “pretty okay” gets an upgrade to “good” thanks to a Big Boi assist on the remix.

Here’s some comics some people are probably buying this week:
David: Xombi 3, Power Man and Iron Fist 5
Esther: Yes: Xombi 3 Maybe: Action Comics 901, Detective Comics 877, Green Arrow 12
Gavin: Green Lantern Corps 60, Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 10, Green Lantern 66, Incorruptible 18, Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine 6, Captain America 618, Deadpool 37, FF 4, Incredible Hulks 629, Iron Man 2.0 5, Namor The First Mutant 10, Power Man And Iron Fist 5, Secret Avengers 13, Secret Warriors 27, Venom 3

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7 comments to “The Cipher 05/25/11: Hip-Hop Is Dead Edition”

  1. All the Green Lantern series then, Gavin? Those are new. Guess something about them must have caught your interest.

  2. Xombi #3 was muy fantastico! Secret Avengers was the comic book that Bendis haters like me have wanted to read for the past half decade.

  3. @Space Jawa: I was only keeping track of GL and GLC, but now it’s in the middle of the War of the Green Lanterns, so I need Guy’s comic to keep it together.

    @Dan Coyle: Secret Avengers was worse than anything Bendis has ever done. Holy shit.

  4. Yeah, Secret Avengers 13 was terrible from Spencer’s script to D’Armata’s colors.

    Eaton’s art was probably pretty okay in the pencils stage, but I can’t tell ’cause of the colors and all the stupid words.

  5. …Really, guys? Worse than the Collective? Worse than the Sentry reveal? Worse than the Collective? Worse than Siege? Worse than the Collective? Worse than the Molecule Man arc? Worse than the Collective? Worse Even than that hideous Bachalo issue from last week? Spencer’s issue had a) an actual point, and b) read like the people behind it put some actual effort into it. But YMMV.

  6. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes (and Bachalo’s art isn’t hideous).

    Secret Avengers would have been okay, if trite and ham-fisted, if the congressman wasn’t a mutant. It would have fit in the “one man is doing all he can in the face of war” concept.

    But then you reveal him to be an omega powered mutant that nobody’s ever heard of because I guess the artist needs to draw cool shit for a couple pages. And while the Lincoln/Washington pages are sweet as hell, I read it wondering how they were going to explain this in a way that would work. They didn’t. Instead, it made the comic dumb.

    This living deus ex machina is single-handedly taking out the bad guy army. The dude could be a HUGE help in fighting the Worthy and saving the day. But nope. It’s really, really important that people across the country watch him commit suicide on live TV. That will inspire them!

    Say what you will about the Collective arc, but at least when Cap called up the overpowered and hastily retconned superhero, he actually did stuff. He didn’t suddenly turn into Samuel L. Jackson from Deep Blue Sea.

    At least the guy who wrote Deep Blue Sea was able to write his own inspirational speech.

  7. […] David Brothers and I have been discussing a sequence in Akira, spurred on by Zack Soto’s launch of the fantastic Otomo fan-tumblr OTOMBLR. The sequence in […]