The Brave and the Bold #1

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Well, the way they draw Luthor creeps me out, but in general I liked the comic.  It has the same zany energy as the show.  The pace is fast and action-oriented.  Seriously action-oriented.  Of twenty-two pages, fifteen of them show something being smashed.  That kind of action-oriented.

This comic also has the sort of kitschy villains and monsters that enlivened the old Batman TV Show, and that you can’t really get away with in today’s gritty, more realistic comics.  The result is the triumph of imagination; fun, creative, outrageous and interesting.

The one main weakness of the comic is the same weakness of the show.  There seems to be a Very Special Lesson to be learned in each comic, and no subtlety in the teaching of it.  I realize that this comic is meant for children, but it frustrates me a little, knowing that if a character talks about their love of strength in the first five minutes, they’ll lose all their strength in the next five minutes.  What is most irksome about it is the show lays the groundwork for each Special Lesson well enough that it never has to be said out loud.  With the deletion of a few lines, each Lesson could be a character trait, each predictable reversal a fresh plot twist.

Still, the energy, the creativity and the joy that is shown all make this comic shine.  If you’re thinking about giving a young child a good education in all the DC characters, and, incidentally, entertaining them, this is a great comic to pick up.

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3 comments to “The Brave and the Bold #1”

  1. > The realistic tone of today’s comics.

    Um, didn’t superman just use a wish-machine?

  2. @mack: Well you can argue about how much “realism” any comic which contains a solar-powered alien who looks exactly like a caucasian human male despite coming from a race that evolved under completely different environmental conditions. But yeah, Grant’s never bothered much with realisim in his work.

    I didn’t realise they were putting out a TB&TB comic. Might have to look into it.

  3. I have not checked out the actual comic book yet but I have seen the cover & a few inside pages online. I agree, the artwork is pretty cool & I seriously LOVE the new animated series. Thanks for the good review, I’ll have to go check it out!

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