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Hey, so, honest questions here. This is a page from Action Comics #1, the first appearance of Superman.

1) Kent’s reaction when asked about Superman is shouting “WHAT!” Is it just me, or is that suspicious like crazy?
2) Who calls the newspaper when there’s a wifebeating on? First of all, wifebeatings shouldn’t be news. Second of all, what about the police?
3) Kent is stripping off his clothes as he enters the apartment of the wifebeater. Therefore, he probably didn’t fly or run over at superspeed… so figure he caught a taxi or jogged over. That’s what, ten, fifteen minutes? This guy was beating his wife for fifteen minutes and people called in tips but didn’t go over there and try to stop him? Are people in Metropolis really that heartless? Holy crap, dude.

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3 comments to “Action Comics!”

  1. There are so many continuity problems here-I think the most glaring of course is that the villain is not properly attired. You’d think that to do things properly he would have donned a “Wife-Beater” first.

  2. In those days domestic violence was such a minor offense that the cops considered it below their attention so typically reporters were assigned to just go take pictures and that was it.

    Action #1 holds up surprisingly well in my opinion. I really like Superman as the embodiment of the New Deal, in which a benevolently totalitarian immigrant sticks up for the little guy.

  3. And in the early days, Superman couldn’t fly, IIRC. He could jump real good, though.