Slight Service Interruption

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Slight interruption of service, here. My laptop blew up yesterday and I spent hours getting it back in working order.

The quickest way to learn to hate computers is to learn how to fix them.

Anyway, I dip out to work in about ten minutes, and I don’t want to leave you lovelies hanging out there, so have one of those out of context panels that the internet seems to love so much. I don’t know the context at all, either. I got this off a funny panels thread on a forum.


Now, ask yourself a few questions.

1) Why is Superman kissing that dude’s wife?
2) Why is Supergirl so happy about it?
3) Kissing her twice? Superman is a jerk!
4) Is that guy pointing to his mouth to say, “Hey, my turn! Plant one right here, Big Blue! She got two, I get two! Rowr!”? I like to think so.

Superman: Wrecking marriages for nearly 70 years!

Look for Blokhedz: Keeping It (Magical) Real(ism) late tonight/early tomorrow morning!

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5 comments to “Slight Service Interruption”

  1. *whew* I was worried the woman would somehow turn out to be Supergirl.

  2. I guess Superman believes in open marriages. Those hippie Kryptonians…

  3. Supergirl seems a little…. slow. She’s already married. It was only two kisses. They were both under mistletoe.

    No one gets married that fast, not without booze. And if anyone can hold his ‘nog, it’s the guy from Krypton.

  4. That’s not just any guy — that’s the adult Lightning Lad of the Legion of Super-Heroes, and his wife is Saturn Girl. The story is “Superman’s Super-Courtship” from Action Comics issue #289, written by Jerry Siegel.

    The story is all about Supergirl’s futile attempts to find a wife for Superman. When Supes finally discovers this, he tells her — and I swear I’m not making this up, this is the actual dialogue from the comic — “If I ever DID marry…it would be to someone super and loveable like…YOU! We can’t marry because we’re cousins! Though cousins CAN marry in certain countries here on Earth…we’re both from the planet KRYPTON, where the marriage of cousins was UNLAWFUL!”

    Supergirl’s response to this — again, I’m not making this up — is to find an exact double of herself on an alien world and try to fix Superman up with her.

  5. Now that you explain it, I think I may have read that comic once, long long ago. Does Supergirl get him a mermaid girlfriend, too?

    Speaking of creepy and Supergirl… the horse that could turn into the guy that she was in love with? Gross.