Ultimatum Edit Week 1: Day Four

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Yesterday saw various baseball games called off due to rain. Plus Human Torch and his dad drowned. Hey, if it means I don’t have to look at Johnny Storm’s ugly hair anymore, I’m for it.

Now, some more devastation.

ManiacClown was too busy with real-life work to help out, but he did insist on making a JFK Jr. joke in terms of Angel flying underwater. Not cool, man. Not cool. Though, to be fair, I was planning on referring to Ultimatum’s disaster as “9/11 and Katrina have a baby”.

Tomorrow it’s all about Reed and Sue with a little bit of Namor tossed in there for you.

Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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15 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 1: Day Four”

  1. Er, actually Kitty has previously shown powers of flying, or perhaps floating, due to her weightlessness, and of holding Spidey while doing it; see “Death Of The Goblin”, the scene in the middle of the street after Spider-Man and the Green Goblin fall out of a building. Kitty phases Peter through the street into a sewer, then grabs him and floats them both onto the street again.


  2. Oh.

    Well, it still doesn’t hurt to ask why she can do it.

  3. She walks on the atoms of air themself! Or something. There’s a giant dialog box in Days of Future Past about it when she walks across an open pit in the Danger Room with her eyes closed.

  4. I thought she tapped into the Phase Force.

  5. This reminds me alot of Punisher Kills the Marvel Universe. How do you kill a bunch of heroes? Shoot them! Or, Drown them!


  6. Don’t forget nuking them, Adam.

    Excuse me Gavok, I don’t suppose you still have that photoshopped image you did ages ago where Sixpack turns up near the end of Infinite Crisis rather than Superboy Prime? It’s been ages since I last saw it, and I’d like to see it again.

  7. Oh man, I do love me the House of Ribs

  8. Ultimate Iron Man is probably the best armor ever
    look at that thing! It’s like a wearable figter plane

  9. If it involves something other than blowing shit up, do Ultimate heroes ever NOT suck?

  10. @Ultimate_Jesus: Here you go!

  11. Cheers Vok, you’re a star.

  12. Now the Torch will no longer flame on … and on and on and on and on.

  13. House of Ribs – now there’s a crossover event I want to see!

    It all begins when the Scarlet Witch whispers, “No more mesquite.”

  14. Take that, science and reason! Awesome! That’s what I’VE been saying! Warren should be dead. Why would we possibly focus on him instead of say…Storm arguably should be able to stop the bad weather!

  15. No, not the ribs