DC Solicitations, November 2006

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You can find the list, plus covers, over at Newsarama.

My commentary on the interesting books lies after the jump, and I’ve included the solicit text for them, too!

I don’t use that “Read more!” thing enough, do I? Oh well, onwards!

Written by Jeph Loeb & Darwyn Cooke
Art by Cooke & J. Bone
Cover by Cooke
Will Eisner’s legendary hero The Spirit returns for a monumental meeting with the Dark Knight in this special one-shot event written by comics luminaries Jeph Loeb (SUPERMAN/ BATMAN) & Darwyn Cooke (DC: THE NEW FRONTIER) with art by Cooke & J. Bone!
When the American Criminologist Association holds its annual convention, its members are unaware that America’s criminals are holding a gathering of their own. And when Batman’s rogue gallery joins forces with the Spirit’s colorful criminals, things can only get worse!
With dozens of villains on the loose and the nation’s security at stake, two very different crimefighters must come together to save the day. Guest-starring just about everyone from the supporting casts of both comic-book icons — including Robin, Catwoman, the Joker, Ebony, P’Gell, Commissioner Dolan and more — this is an historic comics event you won’t want to miss!

I love Darwyn Cooke, and I like the idea of The Spirit, but I hate Ebony White. This is perplexing. It sounds interesting… but Ebony. I’m curious as to how Cooke will render him, too. Problematic.

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Andy Kubert
Writer Grant Morrison continues his acclaimed run on BATMAN with fan-favorite artist Andy Kubert! After the shocking events of BATMAN #655, in which the Joker was shot point-blank in the face, the Clown Prince of Crime makes his triumphant return to Gotham to wreak havoc on the city and take his revenge on Batman! And as citizens of Gotham City will soon discover, the Joker’s reappearance is no laughing matter.

It’s Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert on Bats. I loved the first issue, so bring it on. I’m wondering if Gordon is going to end up a Joker or what, too.

Written by Frank Miller
Art and cover by Jim Lee and Scott Williams
Variant cover by Miller
The Batman puts Dick Grayson to the ultimate test, and the orphaned aerialist must make a difficult choice before becoming Robin, the Boy Wonder!

I… I like this comic. I also like early ’90s X-Men, Gambit, Wolverine, and Bud Root’s Cavewoman so take it in what sense thou wilt.

ROBIN #156
Written by Adam Beechen
Art by Freddie E. Williams II
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Prentis Rollins
On a Gotham rooftop in the dead of night, a life hangs in the balance for Robin to save…and not all the punches, kicks or utility belt weapons in the world can help him.

Beechen’s run has been great so far, particularly the Robin/Zoomerang issue, so my interest is piqued. I do like the idea of having an issue that shows that vigilante violence isn’t always the answer, too!

Written by Darwyn Cooke
Art and cover by Tim Sale
Don’t miss this first 6-part story arc in a brand-new ongoing Superman series, brought to you by the award-winning writer Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier) and artist Tim Sale (Superman: For All Seasons, Batman: Dark Victory)! Superman Confidential tells stories from key moments in the history of Superman. First up: the secrets of Kryptonite! Witness Superman’s first encounter with the radioactive chunks of his home planet and learn how it changed his life.

I don’t even really like Superman and I’m reading this one. I love Sale’s art, and Cooke has already proven his writing chops.

52: WEEKS 26-30
Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka, Mark Waid
Breakdowns by Keith Giffen
Art by various
Backup features by Waid and various
Covers by J.G. Jones
The story of the year continues in four more chapters of America’s only weekly super-hero adventure!
WEEK 26: “How altruistic can you be when you’re funded by LexCorp?” Plus, The Origin of Hawkman by Waid and Joe Bennett.
WEEK 27: “It’s Jean Loring. Sue’s murderer.” Plus, The Origin of Power Girl by Waid and Adam Hughes.
WEEK 28: “Maybe our time here is over. Red Tornado’s gone walkabout.” Plus, The Origin of Catman by Waid and Dale Eaglesham.
WEEK 29: “Th-th-they’re going to kill me. S-S-Supergirl’s going to kill me.”
“That’s — the BLACK MARVEL FAMILY?” Plus, The Origin of The Joker by Waid and Brian Bolland.
WEEK 30: Get ready for the story you never expected! “Batman…No More” — a full length 22-page adventure featuring Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd and…Batwoman?!?

This series has been all good to me and I can’t wait to see what they do with the Black Marvel Family. That mention of Supergirl is interesting, though she’s pretty much a crap character, and a fully Bat-centric episode sounds great.

Written by Keith Giffen & John Rogers
Art and cover by Duncan Rouleau
The Beetle’s back in El Paso, and his best friends are rolling out the welcome mat! Sort of.

DC’s best new OYL series, hands-down. Giffen and Rogers have outdone themselves. If you missed out, you’re in luck, because

Written by Keith Giffen & John Rogers
Art by Cully Hamner, Duncan Rouleau, Cynthia Martin and Phil Moy
Cover by Duncan Rouleau
Collecting THE BLUE BEETLE #1-6! Tearing its way through the events of DAY OF VENGEANCE and INFINITE CRISIS, the mystical Blue Beetle scarab has chosen its new guardian: teenager Jaime Reyes! But supernatural powers can be a blessing or a curse, and when it comes to the powers of the Scarab, you don’t get one without the other.

the trade for 1-6 is solicited, too! Totally worth it, guys. Get on it.

Written by Stuart Moore
Art by Jamal Igle & Keith Champagne
Cover by Brian Stelfreeze
The penultimate chapter of “In My Father’s House!” The mystery villain’s plan is revealed — and it’s a plan that stretches throughout the DCU. But as Firestorm races against the clock to stop him, Firehawk holds a secret that may lead to nuclear armageddon!

This is another great series. Jason is a great hero, almost in the Peter Parker mold, and the learning curve that he’s still on is very well done. He doesn’t know all the intricacies of fighting villains yet!

Written by Chuck Dixon
Art and cover by Derec Donovan
Don’t miss the first issue of an explosive new miniseries written by Chuck Dixon (ROBIN, NIGHTWING) with art by Derec Donovan (Jubilee)! An archery contest beckons Oliver Queen’s bow-bending son Connor Hawke to the far end of the globe. Accompanied by his old pal Eddie Fyers, Connor accepts the invitation. But a much darker game is afoot, and Connor’s life will never be the same!

It’s Chuck Dixon on Connor Hawke. How, exactly, could this go wrong? Eddie Fyers is in it and everything. Dixon does good work, and he’s sorely underrated. He’s like an all-ages Garth Ennis.

(leaving the solicits out of the next few)

Written by Christos N. Gage
Art and cover by Doug Mahnke
Variant covers by Trevor Hairsine

Written by Garth Ennis
Art and cover by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story
Variant cover A by Michael Golden
Variant cover B by Sprouse

Written by Grant Morrison
Art and cover by Jim Lee & Scott Williams
Variant cover A by Erik Larsen
Variant cover B by Jim Lee

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art and cover by Carlos D’Anda
Variant cover by J.G. Jones

GEN13 #2
Written by Gail Simone
Art and cover by Talent Caldwell & Matt “Batt” Banning
Variant cover by Ed McGuinness & Sandra Hope

Written by Mike Carey
Art and cover by Whilce Portacio & Richard Friend
Variant cover by Jason Pearson

I am stupidly fond of Wildstorm. I’m reading all these. Having creative teams that rock is a plus, and having Doug Mahnke and Talent Caldwell on an ongoing is a surefire way to get me to buy it. Those two are top talents. Also: Azzarello!

Written by Garth Ennis
Art and cover by Darick Robertson
The Teenage Kix have learned who was responsible for their recent public relations nightmare — and it’s payback time! But things won’t go as planned for either side, as Hughie must cope with the horrors of war.

I’m interested. The first issue was kind of darkly humorous and I’m wondering how it’ll play out.

100 BULLETS #78
Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Cover by Dave Johnson
Now that all the major players are south of the border, the real trouble is only beginning. And with that many dangerous characters in one setting, it certainly won’t be a relaxing trip to Mexico for all involved.
On sale November 8 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Eduardo Risso
Cover by Dave Johnson
The noir masterpiece continues in 100 BULLETS VOL. 10: DECAYED, collecting issues #68-75 of the acclaimed Vertigo series. Following Lono’s ascension to warlord for the houses of the Trust, the last remaining Minutemen are activated as the players on both sides ready themselves for the endgame of their private war.
Advance-solicted; on sale December 27
192 pg, FC, $14.99 US • MATURE READERS

What’s that you say? Comics’ best monthly series ships again? I’m all over this, and Decayed is yet another great title for a trade.

Written by Brian Azzarello
Art by Danijel Zezelj
Cover by Marcelo Frusin
Featuring guest art by Danijel Zezelj, this stand-alone one-shot tells the back story of Colonel Silas Redd, from his rise through the ranks of the Union Army to his current status as marked-man in Blackwater. In a town full of secrets, what does Redd have to hide, and how does that play into the plans of Wes and Ruth Cutter?

Another good Azzarello series. I don’t know if I can handle a triple dose of Azz in one month, and then another triple and a trade in December.

Written by Jason Aaron
Art and cover by Cameron Stewart
The hard-hitting miniseries examining life on opposing sides of the Vietnam War continues as PFC Bill Everette lands in Vietnam to a less than welcoming committee consisting of his fellow Marines, a new set vengeful spirits, and the locals — who might hate him more than his Viet-Cong enemies. Meanwhile, Vo Dai makes his way south to the waiting battle, and soon discovers he has his own set of terrifying demons to battle along the way.

Buying the first issue for Cam Stewart. If it’s good, I’ll pick this one up.

Random comments:
No Paul Dini on ‘Tec?
I have to admit that the Flash title needs shaping up. This, as a Flash fan, pains me.
Wow, John Stewart in a GL solicit again. He’s the only earth-bound GL that’s a background character now. Thanks!
Sachs and Violens? Really now?
DC’s manga line is terminally uninteresting. How can it be so bland?
Red Menace has an interesting hook, but I don’t know if I trust the writers.
I lost track of Fables months ago. I think I finally got tired of it.
I’m curious about Ninja Scroll, but I dunno how curious. I loved the movie/tv series.

What catches your eye?

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