The King of Trios Retrospective: Day 7

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King of Trios 2008: Night 2

Once again, I’d post the cover image but it too is a pretty big spoiler. A spoiler of an amazing moment.

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The CHIKARA Fan Conclave took place a couple hours before the show. I went, although I don’t recall too much about it, since it was a while back. I do recall seeing people going up to the Team IPW:UK guys to give them props, but absolutely nobody went near Da Soul Touchaz. After all, they didn’t compete during Night 1 and nobody had any idea who they even were. What a difference a couple hours would make.

There was also a Q&A session which included some fan questions like someone asking UltraMantis if those Kaiju monsters he fought were shrunken down or if the arena was enlarged to scale. Icarus also got the question of, “BOOOOOO?” When asked to do an impression of another CHIKARA wrestler, Chuck Taylor rolled into the ring and did his best Lince Dorado by going into a seizure.

Too soon, man. Too soon.

Match 1
King of Trios Round 1
The Southern Saints (Marcus O’Neil, Reno Diamond and Shawn Reed) vs. Team Japan (KUDO, MIYAWAKI and SUSUMU)

As the Southern Saints await the start of the match, the ref checks each member. He finds a chain concealed in O’Neil’s kneepad… then a chain concealed in Diamond’s pants… then one in Reed’s kneepad… and in the other one… and under the tape wrapped around his wrist. The ref shakes his head and chides him for not even trying. Reed and SUSUMU start it off, but appear a little too equal. MIYAWAKI and Diamond enter and each try to get the cheers of the fans. MIYAWAKI wins that little battle. As they grapple, Diamond wins out with a surprise spin kick and some heel tactics. Reed is tagged back in, punches MIYAWAKI a few times, then stops to poke him in the eyes. He lays him down and does a Jerry Lawler-style punch off the second rope, I guess to further his claim that they’re connected in some way. Diamond holds MIYAWAKI in a Camel Clutch as O’Neil dropkicks him in the face.

Shortly after, MIYAWAKI is able to get to his corner and tags in KUDO, who uses a lot of kick-based offense on O’Neil. O’Neil ends up as a punching bag for the Japanese trio until SUSUMU mistimes a leapfrog and gets grabbed into a Cobra Clutch into an STO. O’Neil sets up SUSUMU for a top-rope hurricanrana, gets shoved off, runs back up immediately and hits it on the second attempt. SUSUMU exits the ring and O’Neil dives out onto him. The ring begins to fill up and the Southern Saints take it to Team Japan, except O’Neil looks legitimately out on his feet when they each do a turnbuckle punch spot. The three meet up in the ring and then duck as the Japanese guys run at them, causing them to collide in the center. Team Japan quickly gets the advantage and clear the ring. SUSUMU and MIYAWAKI perform a double-team Lungblower on O’Neil, he staggers and turns around into KUDO hopping off the ropes to nail him with both knees. Diamond breaks the pin, but gets thrown back out. SUSUMU does an Attitude Adjustment on O’Neil and keeps on him. O’Neil fights back briefly, but then SUSUMU gets him with a twisting variation of the Yoshi Tonic and it’s over.

The crowd gives a great ovation to both teams for a fun starter. Reed angrily rants to the camera that, “The South will rise again!” before taking off.

Match 2
King of Trios Round 1
Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz, Marshe Rockett and Willie Richardson) vs. Team BSE (Kobra Kai, La Sombra Canadiense and Super Xtremo)

This match is just one of the reasons why King of Trios 2008 Night 2 is one of my favorite entries in the show’s history. Hell, in CHIKARA history too. We’re introduced to Da Soul Touchaz in a backstage promo started by their manager C. Red. As each member talks it up, they proceed to spit a bit in Red’s face by accident and yell in his ear a little too loud. Then they all get confused over which way to exit. When everyone’s in the ring, Kobra Kai keeps yelling, “KOBRA!” at the crowd and gets booed. When the opponents yell, “SOUL TOUCHAZ!” they get cheers.

Rockett and Sombra start it off, but all the while, Kobra is on the apron, trying to get himself over by constantly chanting his name. He even tries to convince Sombra to use an eye-poke to no avail. The big man Willie is tagged in and Sombra immediately dives over to his corner for a tag. Xtremo jumps into the ring and sizes him up. He puts him in a headlock and keeps it on for a while until Willie finally shoves him off and smacks him with his shoulder. His partners try to start a, “WILLIE!” chant, but don’t pick up too much steam. Xtremo makes another attempt at doing a running shoulder block, only Kobra tags himself in… and gets manhandled. After Willie performs an elbow drop from the second rope, THEN the fans start up that, “WILLIE!” chant. Yeah, don’t ask us to chant for you. Earn it through being awesome.

Both roll out and it becomes Acid vs. Xtremo. They shake hands and their battle quickly moves to the BSE corner. Xtremo and Sombra double team him a bit and Kobra steps in to take advantage on the softened-up Acid. Acid tries to fight his way out of this and eats a top-rope dropkick for his efforts. Sombra performs the Snow Plow and can’t put him away. Acid finally gets out of the beating by doing what looks like a Floatover DDT like the Rock used to do, only he does a knee to the face.

Willie is brought in and takes it to Kobra with some surprisingly agile offense for a big guy, including a dropkick. After picking Kobra up with an Atomic Drop and dropping him with a Bubba Bomb, Willie falls prey to Xtremo’s headscissors and falls out of the ring. He gets up and Xtremo topes into him. Sombra defeats Rockett on his own, but then Acid runs in, grabs him behind and succeeds in a nice German suplex. He hits a series of rapid legdrops, breakdances and then finishes with a falling punch. He gets up and Xtremo meets him with a top-rope crossbody. BSE triple team Acid, albeit a bit reluctantly, and he kicks out of the pin. Kobra screams at the ref and when Xtremo tries to intervene, Kobra socks him in the mouth. Kobra leaves and with those odds, Sombra is quick to fall to Willie doing a legdrop off the top rope.

Yikes! Standing ovation for this match.

Match 3
King of Trios Round 1
FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor) vs. Sweet ‘n’ Sour Incorporated (Tank Toland, Sara Del Rey and Bobby Dempsey)

The SnS team and their dynamic really carries things here and it’s all painted very well with their backstage promo. Tank talks up how they’re amazing and beautiful and… Bobby Dempsey. He’s hard on the rotund protégé, but Sara points out that he’s lost an entire pound from his training. When in the ring, the place is unglued for Dempsey and chants for him. The ref checks everyone for foreign objects and Tank makes sure the ref checks his bulging biceps just in case. Tank faces Icarus to start and tosses him around like he was nothing. Icarus locks him for an armdrag, notices that Tank stands completely still without budging and then lets out a horrified and high-pitched shriek. Tank dizzies him with an Airplane Spin, does a series of jumping jack stomps onto Icarus’ back and then a series of situps while elbowing the poor guy in the back of the head. Dizzy, Icarus falls out of the ring.

Tank, in a rare face role, plays to the crowd and brings in Dempsey. Chuck runs at him and hits him with a shoulder block, sending himself to the mat as Dempsey stands unhurt. Chuck tries again and the shoulder block again causes him to bounce off Dempsey. Looking to Tank, he screams in terror, “You created an unstoppable killing machine!” Chuck gets back up and acts a bit friendlier to Dempsey, gaining his trust. Dempsey points out to Tank that he’s not so bad, turns around, Chuck screams in his face and Dempsey tumbles into the corner and tags in Sara. Sara and Akuma have a stiff exchange of offense until Akuma is whipped into the ropes, grabs the ropes and uses it to exit the ring. Sara is distracted by this, so Icarus enters and suckerpunches her. FIST makes frequent tags while distracting the ref to allow more dirty team-up attacks in their corner. While having her at his mercy, Chuck throws Sara out of the ring, much to the surprise and chagrin of his comrades.

Icarus ends up beating down on Dempsey while Akuma informs the defensive Chuck that leaving the ring has worked as a tag, “Since ever!” Dempsey is setup in the corner, allowing all of FIST to crush his head with dropkicks.

Akuma delivers his patented kicks to Dempsey, but the big man absorbs the blows and stands up to him in the form of delivering a crisp belly-to-belly suplex. Tank is tagged in and manhandles Akuma until he escapes. Chuck attacks from behind and throws Tank from the ring. Sara beats on him and sets up a superplex. Icarus saves Chuck by grabbing Sara from behind and delivering a Backstabber. She’s prone for a Pedigree, but Dempsey makes the save. He cleans house on all three members of FIST, but then gets winded and it allows Icarus to easily put him in a Pedigree. He’s pinned and Tank returns to his heel self by verbally railing on him and slapping him in the face.

Match 4
King of Trios Round 1
The Fabulous Three (Larry Sweeney, Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke) vs. Team Stranglehold (Tim Donst, Andy Sumner and Drew Gulak)

A backstage promo shows the Fabulous Three talking up the match with a whole lot of charisma and excitement with emphasis that Hawke has earned his spot, but everything rests on his shoulders. Unfortunately, they’re deflated a little bit once they’re in the ring and some people in the crowd chant at the ginger Hawke, “Where’s your eyebrows?!” Tim Donst gets a paper banner saying “VICTORY” stretched across the ramp, which he busts through. Despite being the plucky underdog tecnico, the crowd here does not like Donst and rails on him for the entirety of the match. Those jerks.

Donst and Mitch lockup briefly and Mitch complains to the ref that Donst and his team should be immediately disqualified for grabbing his hair and Hawke backs him up, even though it’s incredibly difficult to get a hold on Mitch’s buzzcut if Donst even tried. They begin with a lot of headlocking back and forth and Gulak is brought in. He twists Mitch’s arm and gets poked in the eye, but that only causes him to open up some rapid offense and send him into tagging out to Sweeney. Sweeney challenges Gulak to a test of strength, only to stomp down on Gulak’s foot. Gulak still takes it to Sweeney and has an answer against every trick Sweeney tries.

Sumner comes in and gets Hawke and Sweeney in an armbar at the same time. In a really sweet piece of strategy, Hawke escapes battle with Donst by sliding out of the ring and waits for Donst to turn his attention to the rudo corner before reentering the ring and blindsiding Donst from behind. Riding the momentum, Sweeney briefly runs in and across the ring to attack Gulak and Sumner. Mitch comes in and chokes Donst with the strap of his singlet and then chokes him down while doing pushups. The referee yells at Gulak and Sumner for trying to enter, allowing the Fabulous Three to illegally beat down on Donst behind his back. Donst saves himself against Sweeney with a sudden jawbreaker and tags in his partners. Stranglehold clears the ring until it’s just Sumner against Sweeney. Sweeney reverses a backdrop into a neckbreaker and follows up with a top-rope elbow drop. He gets the pin and the Fabulous Three are tasked to face Team WWF in the next round.

Match 5
King of Trios Round 1
F1rst Family (Arik Cannon, Darin Corbin and Ryan Cruz) vs. Team IWS (El Generico, Player Uno and Stupefied)

The F1rst Family does a rather laughable promo in the sense that what they talk about is all well and good, but their delivery is so stilted that it’s hard not to snicker. Part of it deals with Cannon telling his two protégés that although they haven’t won a Tag World Grand Prix or Young Lions Cup like he has, he still can’t think of any other team he’d rather be with. Corbin responds, “That’s very touching,” and Cannon breaks character and starts laughing.

Like any good Generico match, the crowd sings along with “Ole” by Bouncing Souls. Both sides shake hands and we’re off. Generico and Corbin feel things out a little slowly, things speed up and they part ways with a standoff. Stupefied and Cruz also have a fast-paced exchange that ends with a standoff. Uno holds Cannon in a headlock and has him locked in, but Cannon presses Uno’s pause button and freezes him in his tracks. Cannon pulls out a Nintendo 64 controller, sticks the wire down Uno’s pants and proceeds to control him, making him dance and attack his own partners.

Eventually, the ref gets annoyed and puts an end to this. Uno sends Cannon out with a dropkick and prepares for a dive, but Cruz runs in and stops him with a forearm to the face. Cruz gets taken down and spends the next few minutes enduring a beating from Team IWS, including a round of triple teaming. Cannon breaks a pin while Corbin pulls Cruz out of the ring to save him. They get their hands on Stupefied and Corbin and Cruz deliver a double gutbuster right before Cannon dropkicks him in the face. Corbin and Cruz set up a double clothesline on Stupefied, but he knocks their arms away, turns around and does a backflip while kicking both in the head. Generico fights Corbin until both end up on the outside, so we get Stupefied against Cruz. Stupefied sets up a moonsault, but Corbin enters, moves his partner out of the way and awaits so that when Stupefied comes down, Corbin is able to catch him with an Ace Crusher. Stupefied kicks out.

Generico’s Tornado DDT on Cannon is blocked and turned into a twisting slam called the Siakolypse. Cannon is thrown into the corner and backdrops Uno, only to immediately be force-fed Generico’s boot with a Yakuza Kick. Uno hops to the top and follows with a Goomba Stomp and right after that, Stupefied finishes the chain with a Frog Splash. All three IWS guys go for the pin, but it’s broken by Cruz and Corbin. They focus on Uno and try of a triple pin of their own, but it’s also broken. Cannon picks up Generico for an Alabama Slam, but it’s turned into a reverse hurricanrana. They go back and forth until Cannon lands a Backdrop Driver and follows with a Glimmering Warlock. Uno breaks the pin. Corbin and Cruz double-team Uno and Stupefied, but can’t put them away. Uno gets a second wind and throws Corbin into Cannon. Generico climbs to the top and flips down onto both of them to keep them out of what follows next. Stupefied piledrives Cruz while Uno picks his partner up Rock Bottom-style for the spike assist and it’s exactly what they need to finish Cruz off. Both teams get a standing ovation and it’s very well-deserved.

Match 6
King of Trios Round 1
Los Ice Creams (El Hijo Del Ice Cream, Ice Cream Jr. and ???) vs. Los Luchadores de Mexico (Lince Dorado, Incognito and El Pantera)

Without a doubt, this is one of my all-time favorite moments of being at a live wrestling event. Los Ice Creams enter, followed soon after by Team Mexico (Lince wearing a t-shirt for Headlocked the wrestling-based comic book). Like the night before, Leonard Chikarason picks a random name to be the mystery partner. First is old wrestler “Iceman” King Parsons… but he’s not there. Next attempt is Lance Steel, another CHIKARA name from yesteryear who, like Retail Dragon, would be a big letdown to the fans. To their joy, it’s announced that he isn’t there either. The third choice is Glacier of WCW fame. The crowd is cautiously excited, Bryce runs to the back and comes out looking confused, deflating the audience.

Then the lights turn out and Mortal Kombat 3 Sub-Zero Glacier appears!

It’s really rather beautiful. Glacier was kind of a joke in WCW lore due to his ridiculous gimmick and failure to ever catch on no matter what they did, but CHIKARA is the realm where an ice ninja can go and belong. It’s like the end of that Blind Melon video when the bee girl finds where others embrace her.

Now for the match. Hijo and Pantera start and Hijo is comedically outclassed by the veteran. Pantera dropkicks him out of the ring and does a fake dive taunt. Next we get Incognito vs. Glacier. Glacier is a bit sloppy when working with Incognito. Lince tags in and gets shoved down by the frosty street fighter. Lince grapples with Junior and gets moved into the corner. Junior shakes his hand, then slaps him in the face. They have a good set of reversals, ending with Junior going for a Tombstone and Lince turning it into spinning headscissors. Lince sends him out and zips across the ring for a tope, only for Hijo to step over from the apron and hit him with his butt. Frequent tags are made as the ice team takes turns wearing down Lince. He crossbodies Glacier, but to no effect until Pantera enters the ring and dropkicks him. Still, Lince can’t make a tag. Los Ice Creams crush him with the Ice Cream Sandwich, but he still kicks out. It’s when Junior holds him up for the Jack and Jill Hammer that Lince reverses into a Sunset Flip and then tags Incognito.

Incognito’s momentum is short-lived and he falls victim to Hijo’s Coldstone Stunner. The ring is cleared by Los Ice Creams and Glacier and they keep Lince in there for more abuse. Glacier takes a small bag from Junior and pours out multi-colored sprinkles all over the mat. The three pick up Lince and throw him down onto the pile, which he proceeds to sell as if he landed on thumbtacks.

Luckily, his partners are there to break the pin. The ring fills with craziness, but things get a little simpler when Incognito topes out onto Glacier, Pantera dives onto Hijo and Lince is left to fend against Junior. He hurricanranas Junior onto the sprinkles, kicks him in the legs a few times, knocks him down with a superkick and puts the exclamation point with a moonsault off the top. The fans act really nervous around this spot just because of his recent history with aerial-based injuries. He gets the three-count and I frown at Glacier being eliminated from the tournament far too early.

At least he made the cover.

Match 7
King of Trios Round 2
Team AZW (AkuA and the Immortals) vs. Team Japan (KUDO, MIYAWAKI and SUSUMU)

Writing about Las Chivas was a pain because of looking similar and the Immortals should have the same problem, since I can’t tell who’s Immortal #1 and who’s Immortal #2. Thankfully, I won’t have too much of a problem since they do most things in conjunction and have nothing worth noting as individuals. Once the bell rings, they get in some fans’ faces with one trying to hold back the other. AkuA is left in the ring, staring at them in confusion. When SUSUMU tries to get his attention, he’s shoved across the ring. KUDO tags in, puts his hands on AkuA and also gets shoved across the ring. MIYAWAKI steps in, does some pushups, turns AkuA around and gets shoved across the ring. All three huddle together and then decide to just attack at once. At this point, the Immortals finally go into their corner.

MIYAWAKI gets thrown into the AZW corner and endures a series of chest slaps from all three. He fights back and makes sure that each of them gets at least one slap in return. SUSUMU comes in there and quickly gets grabbed for a reverse Samoan Drop courtesy of AkuA. The Immortals make frequent tags with each other and beat on SUSUMU and when one tags in AkuA, it’s more of a disrespectful slap to the chest. SUSUMU is able to tag in KUDO, who planchas into the ring and dropkicks AkuA. Team Japan clears the ring and leaves it to KUDO letting loose some hard kicks on AkuA. Still, a kickout. AkuA gets back in the game by picking up KUDO for an Atomic Drop, but then bringing him down with a neckbreaker. Very cool transition.

He climbs to the top and KUDO hits him. KUDO climbs up with him for a superplex, but instead AkuA jumps forward and DDTs him. Sweet. One Immortal holds SUSUMU on his shoulders as the other jumps off the top and bulldogs him. AkuA picks him up for a suplex and it’s reversed into a Yoshi Tonic. AkuA pops back up with FIGHTING SPIRIT, clotheslines the hell out of him and it’s only good enough for a two-count. Team Japan beat on Team AZW in different corners and the Immortals both end up outside the ring while AkuA is forced to endure attacks from their opponents at once. The Immortals are really lost here and can’t come up with a better stalling tactic for not getting involved than “stand around and stare at the ring while confused”. SUSUMU moonsaults onto them, MIYAWAKI gives AkuA a reverse DDT, KUDO flies off the top rope with his double-knee attack and it’s over. The Immortals walk away from their loss, disgusted in AkuA, but the Japanese guys show respect towards him and hold his hand up.

This match is notable for Team AZW losing despite having their bye and being fresher.

Match 8
King of Trios Round 2
FIST (Icarus, Gran Akuma and Chuck Taylor) vs. Da Soul Touchaz (Acid Jaz, Marshe Rockett and Willie Richardson)

Place is still hot for Da Soul Touchaz due to their earlier bout. Chuck, like most people, is confused by the team’s pre-match huddle where they chant gibberish. Icarus and Rockett start with a little grappling before tagging. Acid and Akuma seem about even until Acid shoulders Akuma under the bottom rope. Chuck comes in and Acid and Rockett trade shots on him. Then Willie shows himself and POUNCES Chuck into oblivion.

I will never, ever get sick of that move.

Willie and Icarus have a staredown and Icarus tries to act all tough by shoving Willie, only Willie stays perfectly still and Icarus slides backwards. They exchange slaps to the face and Icarus figures he can suplex the big man. Nope. Willie picks him up for a suplex that the fans count at 30 seconds before he finally drops him (his partners clear the ring during this to prevent interference). Acid and Rockett hold Icarus and Chuck on the outside so that Willie can DO A DIVE ATTACK… except Akuma trips him. Rockett ends up being the one in peril and lays in the corner as all three members of FIST dropkick him in the head at the same time. Rockett and Akuma fight back and forth with Rockett’s slaps against Akuma’s kicks. Akuma swings a haymaker, Rockett parries it and slams him down with an Ace Crusher. Willie is tagged in and catches Chuck’s attempt at a top-rope crossbody. He slams him down and then lays waste to all three opponents. He and his teammates all dropkick Akuma simultaneously and he climbs up to the top rope. Chuck attacks him, gives Sole Food to Rockett and dashes forward, only for Rockett to counter him with a boot and a Butterfly Suplex. He goes to the top and Akuma pays back Chuck by stopping the attack and tossing Rockett with a Spider Suplex followed by a picture-perfect moonsault.

Acid breaks the pin and fights with Akuma in an awesome series of reversals ending with Acid doing a backbreaker and Flatliner in one motion. Willie gets to the top rope and GIANT LEGDROP! Referee Derek Sabato has the best “oh dear” expression during it.

Chuck breaks the pin. Acid fights off both Chuck and Icarus and there’s a funny spot where a box of Swiss Miss is thrown into the ring and into Icarus’ hands. He looks at it confused, turns around and Acid spits Swiss Mist into his face! Icarus kicks out of the pin attempt, so Acid follows with the Shiranui. Icarus holds onto the corner so that Acid flips back empty handed. Chuck sneaks up behind him, picks him up and gives him the Omega Driver. Rockett is close, but doesn’t break the pin in time. Afterwards, the crowd gives Da Soul Touchaz a standing ovation and loudly chants for them to, “PLEASE COME BACK!” You can tell that these guys are, well, touched by this major reaction to their CHIKARA debut.

Match 9
King of Trios Round 2
The Fabulous Three (Larry Sweeney, Mitch Ryder and Shayne Hawke) vs. Team WWF (Ax, Smash and One Man Gang)

We’re treated to a lovely Team WWF promo that’s very old school where Smash explains that after years of fighting the Gang, they decided to call him up and have him join them. Ax tells it that they’re nice guys (just ask all the people they beat up) and they’ve ordered a dozen or so ambulances for all the teams that get in their way. When they get to the ring, there’s a fan dressed in a dashiki with the Akeem the African Dream hat on in honor of the Gang’s old gimmick. One Man Gang is ecstatic to see him and shakes his hand. There’s some dueling chants of, “DEMOLITON!” and, “ONE MAN GANG!” but then it turns into a chant for, “REPO MAN!” which Smash plays up to.

What follows is one of the most fun and entertaining segments in professional wrestling history. Holding a microphone, Sweeney politely says, “Excuse me, Mr. Gang,” and talks up One Man Gang’s history as the jive-talking Akeem and his ability to bust a move. He challenges him to a strut-off. Sweeney shows some sweet moves himself, but armed with the hat borrowed from that earlier fan, One Man Gang proceeds to show him how it’s done.

Smash is tagged in and chases Sweeney off. The crowd is going nuts and chants, “THANK YOU, SWEENEY!” as he, his partners and referee Bryce are all marking out. Now, the match, as you can guess, isn’t all that great. It’s three guys who are huge and old (Ax is 60 at this point) taking on three bumping machines. It’s entertaining, but it is what it is. Also, One Man Gang looks like Wilbur Cobb from Ren and Stimpy.

Smash lets Hawke get a free armbar to start, but as it does no effect, he begins to toss him around like a ragdoll. Hawke goes for a crossbody, gets caught, is perched into the Team WWF corner and the three clobber him at once. Smash throws Hawke out of there and Mitch comes in to lock up. Smash throws him across the ring and when Mitch does a shoulderblock, he bounces himself out of the ring. Sweeney makes a try and also gets destroyed. He pokes Smash in the eyes, tags Hawke in and Hawke figures to rake the eyes for good measure. They throw Smash into the corner, but he comes back at them with a double clothesline. Ax and Gang come in and Irish whip the Fabulous Three into each other. As the ring begins to clear out, Gang walks over to Mitch and gets punched with some brass knuckles, unseen by the ref. Mitch gets a quick pin, cheeses it and Team WWF gets a standing ovation and farewell chant of, “THANK YOU!”

Match 10
Team IWS (El Generico, Player Uno and Stupefied) vs. Los Luchadores de Mexico (Lince Dorado, Incognito and El Pantera)

Stupefied and Incognito size each other up while comparing abs. Then they compare flipping ability. Incognito gets the best of him with lucha submissions and transitions. Stupefied performs a Sunset Flip to prevent it from being a total wash. They shake hands and tag in Generico and Pantera. As good as Generico is, he’s one step behind Pantera no matter what he tries. Lince vs. Player Uno is fast-paced with plenty of near-falls and doesn’t show a clear advantage until Lince misses a dropkick. They start running their shoulders into each other and Uno fakes him out by tripping him. Stupefied then tags in and does a plancha onto him. Generico comes in, does a split-legged moonsault and Lince kicks out. He finally escapes by hitting a desperate enziguri on Generico and tagging Incognito. Incognito immediately nails Generico with a Missile Dropkick followed by a Tiger Driver. The pin is broken.

Incognito puts Generico in a Camel Clutch as Pantera dropkicks him in the face. Generico escapes the beating with a back suplex and tags in Uno. He clears the ring and then topes onto Pantera while Stupefied flips onto Lince and Generico performs an asai moonsault onto Incognito. They all reenter the ring and it becomes chaos with Lince and Pantera constantly throwing Incognito onto their opponents all at once for a series of unsuccessful triple pin attempts.

The Team IWS guys are thrown out and all fall prey to a series of planchas and topes, showing that turnabout is fair play. Uno does a crazy-ass move where he picks Lince up like a powerbomb, but transitions it into an Ace Crusher. He turns to Pantera and jumps onto him for a hurrcanrana, but Pantera instead remains standing and flattens Uno with a Styles Clash. Generico picks him up for the Blue Thunder Bomb and goes for the pin, broken by Incognito. Uno and Stupefied overwhelm Lince and hit him with some double-team maneuvers, but he still refuses to stay down. All of Team IWS climb the ropes and hit a triple diving headbutt onto him. Another kickout! Generico lands a Yakuza Kick and a brainbuster, but Incognito and Pantera break the pin. They all focus on Generico with Incognito doing a Corkscrew Splash from the top and Lince doing a fantastic reverse hurricanrana that causes Generico to bounce back to his feet and bounce off the rope in a daze. The smoke clears a bit and Stupefied and Incognito – the two men to start – go at it fast-paced. Stupefied climbs to the top and Incognito stops him, picks him up and does a backflip powerslam into a pin.

This match also gets a big standing ovation from the crowd and the six men show respect, albeit barely able to stand as they do it.

Amazing show with a lot of feel-good moments and hilarity. Here’s where we are in terms of the brackets.

Tomorrow, we move on to the final eight.

King of Trios Retrospective: Contents Page!

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