New Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Five

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In our last installment, Iron Man was in the middle of talking down Thor when Loki made his final play. Yes, his end game was to smack Thor upside the head with a hammer. It didn’t work and he instead got a spear thrown through his neck. Now the twice-dead Valkyrie returns and hooks up with her badass boyfriend.

So that’s it, right? Me and ManiacClown can go home now? Bad guy’s dead and… oh, what’s that? Two days of wrap-up? Fine. But I swear, if we get a final page reveal of the next big threat, I’m burning this website to the ground. I’ll do it.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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2 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Five”

  1. That last page was my favorite of week 5, lol.

  2. T’challa looks so damned out of place. The savage landees are wearing cheap leopardskin print, cap’s apparently painted his normal uniform right onto his torso with magic markers, and there HE is in an ultradapper suit. Maybe he saw everyone else’s outfits, figured it was halloween, and went as agent 47.