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I picked up Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge yesterweek. It’s Geoff Johns and Scott Kolins following up on the run that got me into the Flash.

Here’s something I liked from it:

Bastard cape comics are weird. On the one hand, you can watch Captain Cold in cartoons on TV. On the other, he murders people as needed. There’s such a weird disconnect there, but I think I’m done trying to reconcile it. Who cares anymore, right? Love it or leave it alone.

Amazon stuff: Not much this week. I messed around and ordered Gotham Central one and two on a whim. Went back an hour later to cancel them since I already have the trades and whoops too late, son. I ordered them because I don’t have all of the trades, so I figured the HCs would be a good pickup. Then I realized that I could just buy the trades I’m missing, which is a functional, if less handsome, solution, but c’est la guerre. The end result is that my mom’s getting more books by Greg Rucka free of charge. She likes Queen & Country, and she likes mystery/cop novels, so maybe these will float her boat. (I should start charging her for all the books I give up, this is just absurd.) But yeah: uncharacteristically light Amazon week for me.

Me: A bit of talky-talk on DC Comics, a preview of the new Charlie Huston/Shawn Martinbrough Punisher joint, and an exclusive (clue clue clue) ten-page preview of the next volume of Adam Warren’s Empowered. I’ve read it already, and I need it to come out and all of you to buy it, please. I want to talk about it with somebody. It’s great. The comments section on that post is great, too, Empowered fans rule. If your shop doesn’t carry it or you forgot to order it, check Amazon.

Not me: Kalinara reacts to something I wrote with some points I can’t really deny, Cheryl Lynn talks out her buying habits (I like seeing people talk about why they buy what they buy/don’t buy, have you noticed?), and Tucker Stone delivers the reviewing equivalent of a blunt laced with bubble kush and PCP. Go on. Get wet.

@hermanos: Amazing Spider-Man 641, Amazing Spider-Man 642, Punisher Max: Hot Rods of Death 1, Weird War Tales
@estherschmester: Definitely: Batgirl 14 Maybe: Batman #703, Batman and Robin 14, Doc Savage 6, Red Robin 16
@Gavin4l: Batman And Robin 14, Booster Gold 36, Green Lantern 57, Justice League Generation Lost 9, Welcome To Tranquility One Foot In The Grave 3, Daken Dark Wolverine 1, Deadpool Corps 6, New Avengers 4, Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 2, Irredeemable 17

Anybody reading Shadowland? You want to do me a favor and quit that? You’re only hurting yourself.

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9 comments to “The Cipher 09/09/10”

  1. The Gotham Central HCs have some issues that the trades omitted. The Vol. 2 HC includes #11 and # 16-18, which are not in the trades.

  2. That’s a genre waiting to be explored. Bastard comics.

  3. Guys, pick up Irredeemable this week. The reveal on the last few pages knocked me for a loop.

    Somebody get Jay Pinkerton on the phone.

  4. God, Shadowland. There was so much story potential there and instead what we got was another Parallax Retcon. And Jesus, this is how many comics now where Moon Knight narrates that he wears white so people will see him coming?

    Still, as lame as the main event is turning out to be, I’m totally enjoying Van Lente’s Power Man spin-off, dug the Elektra one-shot and am looking forward to Slott’s Spider-Man / Shang Chi one off.

    I know nothing of it is out this week, but anyone checking out Jason Aaron’s Wolverine stuff?

  5. Oh Shadowland, how you disappoint me. The main thing that bothers me most is that Diggle realizes there are real emotions at stake here, but shuffles them off into Daredevil rather than the miniseries. Of course Billy Tan’s art is not as good as De La Torre’s or Checcheto’s either.

    How is Irredeemable? I picked up the first Incorruptible trade this week and really enjoyed it.

    – Bells

  6. @Bells: Really good, albeit depressing at times. The latest arc was a big dip in quality since it revolved around the less interesting characters, but now it’s back on track.

    Incorruptible just continues to get better too.

  7. @Discount Lad: Isn’t that the go-to glib description of anything by Warren Ellis?

    Is it true Shadowland laid it out so that Daredevil is secretly mindcontrolled or whatever? The part of me that hopes for impossible things wanted him to just straight up turn evil forever because he’d just been pushed too far for too long. They’re running out of fresh ways to ruin the dude’s life; hell, this one comes right outta DC’s playbook for Hal Jordan’s Parallax/Spectre days.

  8. The more I see Steve Wacker screaming at Spider-man fans on the CBR board, the more I realize why Shadowland is so shitty.

  9. @NeoKefka: For a guy who loves Moon Knight as much as he claims, Charlie Huston sure seemed insecure about having to explain him.