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-You know what’s weird? I’m actually kinda curious about X-23 this week. I like Marjorie Liu, so, y’know, maybe? But four bucks… ehhhh.

Prison Pit: Book Two is this week. It opens with a dude pooping. The cover is blood-soaked. There’s a strap-on at some point in the book. I’m new to Johnny Ryan, but this book is repulsive and attractive and awful and fascinating all at once. It’s vile, man, and I’m ready to read some more.

-This week in Brightest Day, we find out what the deal is with Aqualad. I kind of feel like everyone who popped up with “Oh, so the black character can’t swim, huh? Way to be racist, DC Comics!” is feeling pretty dumb right about now, yeah? The presence of a stereotype is not necessarily an indicator of racism or stereotyping. It’s cool to throw a jaundiced eye at cape comics, but c’mon. Context and understanding is just as important as playing watchdog. I mean, his name is Aqualad, he lives in one of the driest places in the country, and has a mysterious past. C’mon, son. Y’all got to do better, this is basic.

-I bought Black Milk’s Album Of The Year and Rah Digga’s Classic today. Digga is one of my favorite rappers (Dirty Harriet is dope, miss me if you disagree) and This Ain’t No Lil Kid Rap is dope. The remix with Redman is hard, too. Black Milk is a dope producer out of Detroit, and his last joint was heat rocks, so Album of the Year was definitely getting purchased.

-The cover to Classic instantly shot up to my top five favorite album covers, too. It’s on par with Illmatic.

-I love how iTunes likes to just wipe my iPod without even asking me. I had it on manually manage for a couple weeks (which sucks) and flicked it back over to auto since iTunes 10 is New and Improved. Mistake, ’cause the first thing the all-new iTunes did was wipe my whole iPod right before I left for work. Thanks for that.

Machete was dope.

I talk about how much of a piece of crap OMIT was and some crazies come calling, post a sneak preview of Darwyn Cooke’s The Outfit, and talk about Butch Guice paying homage to Kirby and Steranko in Captain America.

-Over Moviefone way, I talk Marvel and Pixar.
comics are for children
Black King David: Amazing Spider-Man 643, Hellblazer 271, Joe the Barbarian 7, New Mutants 17, Thunderbolts 148
Esther Waller: Tiny Titans 32, Birds of Prey 5
White King Gavin: Azrael 12, Joe The Barbarian 7, Astonishing Spider-Man Wolverine 3, Avengers And The Infinity Gauntlet 2, Deadpool 27, Incredible Hulks 613, Marvel Universe vs The Punisher 4, Shadowland Power Man 2, Steve Rogers Super-Soldier 3, Thunderbolts 148

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6 comments to “The Cipher 09/15/10”

  1. Black Milk was good. Digga’s album is great. I use a free program called Sharepod instead of iTunes for exactly the same reason you mentioned. Peace.

  2. @Dot: Good looking out, I’ll try that tonight.

  3. Good call on X-23. The rest of the series is going to be 2.99, but that doesn’t make the sting of paying a buck for the same lame recap that’s in the free Saga deal any better. The issue itself wasn’t great either (mostly recap, making the text pages feel even more unnecessary), but I’ve been pretty impressed by some of Liu’a work in the past, so I’ll stick around for a while.

    On a related note, I’m pretty bummed she and Acuña only stayed on Black Widow for five issues. I’d follow Acuña pretty much anywhere though.

  4. I’m very sorry if you were annoyed by my statements on ComicsAlliance. I would think that, after DC’s “Of course we’re racially sensitive; we have green and blue people!” you might better understand how poorly chosen words can hurt people. “Crazy” ranks up there with “Retarded” – it’s an actual medical problem, and using it to describe people who didn’t like a comic storyline, when there were a lot of reasons not to like it, really frustrated me.

  5. @Nicholas Svara: I never called everyone who didn’t like that story crazy. You assumed that. I said that a specific subset were crazier than the others–the ones who spent the “past two years dissing “Amazing Spider-Man” for hypothetically turning back time to the ’70s or turning Peter Parker into a loser while studiously claiming to not read the comic[.] […]The ones who gleefully tracked every perceived fault and mis-step.” Then you went on to accuse me of saying a bunch of other stuff I didn’t even remotely even imply, and then demanded I apologize for all of it.

    C’mon, son. I’m not responsible for your baggage.

    If you didn’t like it, that’s fine. I didn’t like OMD at all. I thought BND was pretty cool. I don’t think that OMD had to happen for BND to be good. I do think that it’s fair to describe people like Kirk Boxleitner, those who have spent more time talking about Spider-Man and how they hate him than actual fans have spent talking about it over the past two years, as “the crazier side of fandom.”

    Crazy has several definitions. That kind of behavior is irrational, unusual, and bizarre. “Crazier side of fandom” is perfectly accurate.

  6. Thank GOD Rah Digga’s back. Today’s female rappers suck. Nicki Manaj sounds like she needs a baby rattle and a pacifier.