New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Seven

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Time to finish off yet another week. Yesterday’s antics saw the Ultimates overwhelm the enemy with their explosive badassitude. Then Hawkeye took Enchantress out of the game with an arrow to the heart. Considering she got shot in the heart and I’m from New Jersey, consider yourself damn lucky that I chose to give this scene a Motley Crue soundtrack instead of Bon Jovi.

After finishing all that up, I instantly got another idea for that death scene, so here’s an alternate take on page 22 for any Morrison fans out there.

As always, thanks to ManiacClown for his assistance. See you again after about three more release delays. Unless you’re the kind of guy who checks out this site normally, which is even sweeter.

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11 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 3: Day Seven”

  1. I don’t really get the Morrison one. Is it because he uses(or used to) a lot of made-up words?

  2. @Engineered: I think it’s a We3 reference.

  3. Didn’t she die already? I mean, is this supposed to be ironic or something?

  4. @Engineered

    It’s a reference to the death of Tomorrow Woman in Morrison’s JLA run.

  5. What NeoKefka said. It’s from JLA #5, one of my all-time favorite issues of any comic.

    Tomorrow Woman was a telekinetic superhero who joined the JLA, but in reality she was an android created by Professor Ivo and TO Morrow, with plans to have her turn on the League after gaining their trust. Morrow even joked about how he made sure not to include the word “freedom” in her vocabulary. By the end, when the League faced a threat that only Tomorrow Woman could take care of, she made the conscious decision to sacrifice herself instead of turning on her friends.

  6. *facepalm* Now it makes sense. And I have an acquaintance who gets Tomorrow Woman sketches and comissions, so it’s not like I didn’t know about her.

  7. I don’t follow the real New Ultimates, so…is Loki meant to look like Namor on page 2 or what?

  8. There was a spare Tomorrow Woman, wasn’t there? Hm. Wonder what became of that/her?


  9. Oh, thank you.

  10. “I am the Ghost of Christmas #(%& You” was pure magic. 🙂

  11. And here I thought it was going to be “616 Cap was always the best Cap. You were only…ever…okay…”