And Now, Comic Book Math

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That’s what it is according to the images of the toys for Wolverine: Origins. So far there’s a Superhero Squad figure and this guy:

“So who is this Deadpool guy?”
“He looks like Freddy Krueger and has Wolverine’s healing, but no claws.”
“We’re going to give him claws because it’s a Wolverine movie.”
“But, sir! If he has claws, that makes him too similar to Freddy Krueger!”
“Then we won’t make him look like Freddy Krueger anymore! Make him look like Zartan or something. What, do I have to think of everything?”

I seem to hate this design considerably less when I remember that Alex Hayden existed.

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14 comments to “And Now, Comic Book Math”

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but that figure looks more like Sigma (Mega Man X series) + Baraka than Alex + Baraka.

  2. At least the comic series figure will actually look like Deadpool. But I guess this is what he’s going to look like in the movie, which doesn’t exactly bode well for the movie.

    Of course, most things about that movie don’t bode well for that movie.

  3. Wow, that looks terrible.

  4. If he looks like that in the movie, the only thing that could redeem it that I can think of is if the claws are actually machetes duct-taped to his forearms. Or maybe ginsu knives.

    “And now I’m better at doing whatever it is Wolverine does!”
    – Deadpool, leveling-up in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

    Oddly apropos.

  5. If you read the old origin stories of him in the old Deadpool ongoing, it kinda fits, if you accept the wrist blades as a failed attempt to make a second Wolverine.

    Ultimately, he’s a fan service-y supporting character in a Wolverine movie. Given his powers, they were obviously going to tie him closer to Logan.

  6. If you are going to make fanservice by throwing in 3rd tier characters, why would you then not make them not that character? Suddenly everyone who gets who it is becomes annoyed. What’s the point?

  7. He’s a wisecracking merc who gets horrifically scarred by Weapon X in the process of giving him a healing factor. You’re right, he’s not Deadpool, let’s call him Squirrel Girl!

    We have shots of a toy without context, it’s a little early to suggest they haven’t got the character right. Was there this much pf a negative reaction when they took Toad out of the jester’s costume?

    (Side note, I was actually about to ask if there was this much of negative reaction when they made Mystique effectively nude. Then I realised no, there was not.)

  8. @Paul Wilson:

    What kind of sicko would complain about a nude supermodel?

    I won’t be satisfied with this Deadpool design unless he specifically tied those blades to his own arms.

  9. Well, the one saving grace of this is that it could be a fake. What makes me think that? It looks nothing like Ryan Reynolds.

  10. Is this definitely Deadpool, then? Cos I don’t see the name on the box. I know the film features a character called Weapon XI, so maybe that’s who this is? Isn’t it a bit moot though, since Deadpool didn’t start wearing that masked suit till after he left the program anyway?

  11. “Cos I don’t see the name on the box.”
    Notice the “…pool tm” on the left side?

  12. Nah, that Fred Pool, his cousin. Only explanation I will accept.

  13. @Strontosaurus: This was my thought as I was writing it.

    That said, much as I like Deadpool, even if they turn him into a clawed, failed Wolverine knock-off, it won’t diminish my enjoyment of the comics one iota. Kelly and Simone did a lot of fun stuff with a character which basically started as the bastard child of Deathstroke and Spiderman as imagined by “auteur” Rob Liefeld.

    I’m kinda past the stage of expecting them to slavishly copy the characters in the comic book. If he heals, looks ugly and manages a few wisecracks, then I’ll accept it as the movie version of Deadpool. Obsessing over details makes you no better than the “WTF? Leiv Schreiber looks nothing like Tyler Mane!” crowd.

  14. I like Deadpool, don’t expect much from this movie, and can’t bring myself to care about this. If they do the character well, it doesn’t matter if he’s got knives tied onto his arms or not. If not, it doesn’t matter either. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Reynolds in a comics movie where his schtick is closer to the character.