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I love YouTube. Did I ever tell you that? Well, I do. There’s so much great stuff to be found within.

The other day, I went on a voyage into its dark underbelly to discover some rather interesting superhero-related commercials. Some of it is too great not to share.

It all started when someone brought up this odd commercial about Ralph Nader discussing kryptonite. I haven’t the slightest clue what this is even about and I suspect nobody does other than Nader himself.

That opened the floodgates.

First I went and found a commercial for Superman Peanut Butter. It’s a live action commercial featuring Lion-O as Superman.

Then it gets better, once we move onto the animated commercial starring Lex Luthor. I had known to look for it due to an old article about it at X-Entertainment. About 11 seconds in, notice how Lex has two right hands. The hell is up with that?

Continuing with Superman, there were some really weird anti-smoking commercials in England starring him back in the day. The first one is about how addicting it is while the other one has Superman outright murder the villain.

There were a handful of old George Reeves Superman commercials for Frosted Flakes, but I’ll just show one where he’s creepily spying on some kids. I bet Superman was really just hanging out with Tony the Tiger out of jealousy of Captain Marvel and his talking tiger sidekick.

Here’s an old Burger King commercial. It only catches my eye because Darkseid has a cape. Since when does Darkseid have a cape?

This old Mego commercial is great for it’s funky disco track. I feel like I want a full three and a half minute version of this thing.

This one rules. It’s an ad for the old Atari Spider-Man game with the Green Goblin. There he is, everybody. Your new Director of SHIELD in all his glory.

You know what? I bet Milk Man knew from the start that Scarlet Witch was crazy.

Finally, here are some awesome commercials for a Canadian department store called Zellers. These are absolutely amazing due to having exceptional animation alongside being completely ridiculous from start to finish. Batman needs to intensely wave his finger more these days.

The best Catwoman pun they could come up with was “cheesed off”? Wow.

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7 comments to “And Now a Word From Our Sponsors”

  1. Darkseid doesn’t usually sport a cape, but Kirby’d sometimes draw hm with one. the number in particular was added for when darkseid took over as the big bad for the DC Super Powers toy/comic line (which was drawn by kirby himself)

  2. Wow, nice youtube catch! There’s two lines I find especially hilarious: In the Spider-Man atari game one, Green Goblin yells “You’re running out of fluid!” (which is still scary in a completely different way then intended), and in the Mego one, Spidey pats Hulk on the back and says “Good job, handsome.” Which is, uh, odd…

  3. I actually remember seeing those Zellers ads on TV in the very early 90s… I thought I was crazy. Thanks for proving me sane, 4thletter!

  4. those Zellers ads are amazing. There’s so much movement!

  5. I think that kryptonite thing with Nader is from the Superman 50th birthday special that ran on CBS in 1988. It’s included in that steel-case Ultimate Superman DVD collection and overall it’s just as goofy as that clip makes it out to be. Al Franken appears as a wanna-be superhero and Fred Willard is the deputy mayor of Metropolis.

  6. I was going to say the animation in those Superman anti-smoking ads, but wow…those Zellers Batman commercials sure are something. He sure gets to show off those nice white teeth of his.


  7. @Captain Crotchspike: er, that is, “the animation in those Superman anti-smoking ads was pretty interesting”