JHW3 Aftermath!

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The Isotope signing for JH Williams III went off great! I had a great time, hung with some great people, and got to babble at JHW3 for a while. He’s got some great stuff coming up and a few surprises in store. The next two years or so should be a great couple of years for fans of the guy.

He had a ton of art on sale, including pretty much all of his Batman work. A few friends brought a couple spreads, but I had to hold off since I should be “responsible.” I did, however, find some stuff that I’m going to buy later on. He had some sketches for fascist-themed X-Men, including an awesome one of Jubilee that I want. He also had a great Guardian 7 Soldiers design sketch.

The creme de la creme was this cover. I saw it in his sketchbook while I was leafing through and was like “No, no way does he still have this one for sale.”

Guess what! He did. So, I’m going to buy it. I loved The Crew, I loved those covers, and I love Kasper Cole as the White Tiger.

All in all, it was a great night. I’ll post the flickr link when the pics go up.

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