America Still Needs Your Help! (Insert Coins)

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For a variety of reasons, I’ve been a bit lax on real content over the past few days. Blame it on how much the Battlemania thing took out of me, work in general, being distracted by the horrific news of that uncharismatic wrestler who went and Parallax’d his once-legendary legacy, etc. Either way, the work I have done has focused a bit more on the site itself. New headers and the like. hermanos has been on a roll lately, so it’s no great loss. I’m just fluff, while he writes actual content.

The point of this post is that I updated the Table of Contents for the first time in a while. It’s starting to get a bit thick and for any new readers, it’s probably not going to seem worth sifting through. I figure that hermanos, Wanderer and I should just mark various articles as “staff recommendations”. But I also think that you regular readers out there are just as qualified. So for those of you who do stick around, what 4th Letter articles are your favorites? What would you suggest to someone who had just stumbled upon this site?

On another note, A.o.D., the guy who brought us the Ultimate Rom: Spaceknight articles, has been crossing his fingers for the past several months ever since Annihilation: Conquest had been announced. He’s been hoping that Wraith, the dark gunslinger of the cosmos, is in fact Rom himself. Over time, his hope had died down, but recently, it’s stronger than ever.

Let’s look at the facts.

1) Wraith looks an awful lot like Rom’s human form, in all his “get a haircut, cyber-hippy” glory.

2) The Spaceknights have a pretty big role in Conquest already.

3) Rom’s enemies are the Dire Wraiths.

4) Marvel is unable to use the name Rom, nor are they able to show Rom as a cyborg. On the other hand, they can do whatever they want with Rom’s human form, his backstory, the rest of the Spaceknights and the Dire Wraiths. That explains his random human appearances, like at Rick Jones’ wedding or in Universe X.

5) Despite being so grim, Wraith seems to go out of his way not to kill a villain in the preview for his first issue. Rom also had a thing against killing.

6) Solicits did say that Wraith’s backstory would make science fiction fans happy.

I for one welcome our new post-cybernetic overlord!

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4 comments to “America Still Needs Your Help! (Insert Coins)”

  1. Oh jeez now when it turns out that Wraith /= Rom I am going to have SO much egg on my face.

  2. RAD!

  3. http://www.newsarama.com/NewJoeFridays/newrosemann.html

    ” Pauul: Which characters would you personally like to see in Annihilation 3 (if such a thing ever comes about, and let’s face it — it should)? Any particularly obscure space characters which are favorites of yours whom have yet to appear?

    As I was tearing through issues of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe for characters to suggest to writer Keith Giffen to appear in Star-Lord, I came upon many cool sci-fi characters that, for many reasons, are currently off-limits. One day, Pauul, I’d like to change that. ”

    Well, this sounds vaguely familiar.

  4. Oh man. I never even noticed that from the solicits. But your logic here is good. Plus it would be really freaking awesome. Double plus, chance for Rom/Rocket Raccoon team-up! Add in U.S. 1 and its a Mantlo ‘splosion of space heroes…