A Slight Change of Plans

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With a heavy heart, I have to announce that the next installment of Deadshot’s Tophat and Other Beginnings is on hiatus. Nobody is more shocked and outraged about this turn of events than former Intercontinental Champion Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat.

I know, Nikita Koloff. I know. But I have a reason. A very good reason.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been writing too many updates lately. I’ve been using my free time to read through the latest Mick Foley autobiography, Hardcore Diaries. I loved his other two autobiographies, but this one left me sour. About as sour as Mick Foley comes across for most of this book. Interesting wrestling anecdotes take a backseat to stories of Mick meeting B-list celebrities, ragging on the President to the point that it gets real old, and telling countless stories about what a great humanitarian Foley is.

There’s something else I’ve been reading. Readers of the site might remember my acquisition of the first three issues of the Marvel WCW comic at the New York Comic Con. I decided that three issues wasn’t good enough. Not for me and not for you. Fortunately, I came across the entire run on eBay. Unfortunately, it means I own two copies of a comic issue featuring El Gigante. God help me.

I forced myself to read the series and it wasn’t easy. The Malibu Street Fighter comic wasn’t all that bad until the end. The Mortal Kombat comic was honestly pretty good in parts. Even Extreme Justice could keep my attention enough that I’d keep going on to see what could possibly be next. World Championship Wrestling, though, hurt. A lot. Once a friend got wind of what I was reading, he told me, “You could be doing literally anything else and it would be a better use of your time.”

But I can’t let you guys down. Deadshot’s Tophat can wait. I’m finishing up my last What If article (finally), but after that, it’s on. Me and the WCW comic. One-on-one. No holds barred. With hermanos barred from ringside.

Prepared to get Stingersized!

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4 comments to “A Slight Change of Plans”

  1. What period WCW? Because if it ain’t got Disco Inferno it ain’t worth nothin’!

  2. 1992. No Disco Inferno, but it does have Van Hammer, El Gigante and PN News.

  3. I flipped through some of the The Hardcore; it reminded me of that really sour sheen that Foley got in the latter half of Foley is Good, but instead it took over the whole book. Yeesh. His complaining about the Melina angle (Yow, he LIKES Melina) is sort of justified, though.

  4. This news about Mick’s new book is disappointing, though I’ll probably still read it, just because I’m such a Foley mark. Hell, I suffered through Hogan’s book. How bad can this be?

    That said, I anxiously await your review of the WCW comics. Surely, it will be the next best thing to experiencing their horror for myself.