Secret Six Discussion Part II

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Oof. Why do I always get to the store late when something huge happens?

Don’t look below the cut if you don’t want to get spoiled for Secret Six #6.

Discussion Topics:

1.  So the Bane and Scandal relationship seems to not only holding up, but getting a little reciprocity.  I still think it’s doomed.

2.  Ragdoll is growing on me.  Before he was just entertaining.  Now he’s kind of a sweetie, as well.  I’m beginning to think the dolls would be fantastic in a family comedy.

3.  I’m not quite getting Jean’s psychology, here, or how a traumatic childhood changed her into a banshee.  Love the hair, though.  And if she goes after Deadshot she’s got taste . . .

4.  OR SO I THOUGHT!  Of course the Deadshot betrayal is going to be the talk of the issue.  I’m thinking it’s way too much to be real.  He’s killed a good deal of his friends, we’re only a few issues in, and ‘big dumb corpse of a girlfriend’ seems a little out-of-character.  I’m thinking either hallucination.  Anyone else?

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9 comments to “Secret Six Discussion Part II”

  1. Deadshot’s got his own agenda, but he probably knew he couldn’t kill Jeanette and Scandal outright, and running over Ragdoll was payback for all the creepy stuff he talks about.

    I’m also glad Mad Hatter is back. He took out most of Doom Patrol on his own. Who knows how he could handle the Six, especially without Ragdoll to sucker-push him this time.

  2. I am glad that they followed up on the Hatter story. I kind of felt sorry to see that he had considered making amends in the Omens And Origins story, but then was corrupted.

    Deadshot shot Scandal in the head, and then went on a long monologue talking about how she was dead. It seems unlikely that he thought he couldn’t kill her.

  3. When did Hatter take out the Doom Patrol?

  4. David…it was in the miniseries. With a hat and a few words, he got Elasti-Girl to turn on Robotman (“Switch”), Negative Man to cramp up (“Suffer”) and sent Bumblebee into a spastic fit (“Stutter”).

    Esther…Scandal is a Savage, so I’m thinking a bullet to the head wouldn’t be a complete deterrent. Besides, she’s been with the group since the beginning. I’d like for her to still be alive, and I’m still thinking Floyd knew he couldn’t kill her that easily.

  5. @Jason: My alternate theory, besides hallucinations, is Master Plan of some kind.

  6. I’m willing to believe that Deadshot’s gone bad for real, but I think he’s doing the same thing he did back in his miniseries from a few years back: He’s lying and acting like an asshole for the sake of taking the heat and protecting everyone else. Just by having that card, everyone in that party is in extreme danger. If they aren’t killed by Junior or the other evil metahumans, they’ll likely be killed by the Mad Hatter (they don’t know it’s him, but they know that it’s some kind of evil psycho). Now it’s just Deadshot with his prisoner, doing what Deadshot does best: walk into a dangerous situation and not truly care if he lives to see it through.

  7. With the last issue there was some talk about whether Deadshot was the right choice for the Faces of Evil cover. Looks like it was more appropriate than we knew.

    I highly doubt that Deadshot really is betraying them, cover aside. It didn’t look to me like anyone actually died in that fight. Scandal’s been shown to be extremely durable, and Jeannette’s been around for over 4 centuries, so I’m sure being gutshot won’t finish her off. I also think Gail Simone likes writing flirtatious Catman and Deadshot dialogue too much.

    There’s also the odd panel in the very last page, which shows 5 of the Six fighting Wonder Woman and some other people – apparently from the all-knowing Book of OA. Presumably that’s foreshadowing, since it hasn’t happened yet, and if Deadshot really has betrayed them, that can’t happen. There is the matter of the missing member, though…

  8. Its funny- I was thinking about Hatter’s beef with the Six just hours before reading this issue, and bam! There he is.

    Although his beef really should be just with Ragdoll- he’s the one who sucker punched him all off his own bat, his only motivation being professional jealousy.

    I hope Wade’s just doing a Fake Heel Turn- I just like him too damn much to have him leave the book just yet. And besides, I can’t recall another Suicide Squad mini being announced recently, so there’s no real reason to take him off the team at this point.

  9. Well I got the comic today at last and I’m with Gavok’s explanation.

    Jeanette was gutshot, which isn’t immediately fatal to her, the shot to Scandal looked glancing, I doubt Ragdoll would be inconvienced by broken legs (he’s had his arm chopped off before) and the hit on Catman looked more stunning than fatal.

    Deadshot’s playing up to his deathwish and trying not to get his friends dragged into it.